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  1. I would add George Thomson from Harrogate to your list . Ran the midfield at BP here again . Does all the dirty niggly things without being caught as well as creating and scoring . I would also like to see last years Mcaleny , but doubt anyone will again . Agree about Armstrong , we should have been in for him .
  2. But only scored 8 . Only 3 teams scored fewer which we are one of. We desparatley need a target man or a goalscorer from somewhere , How anyone thought we could start the season with no forward line is beyond belief. Unless you are stupid or called MO or Abdallah. We would have been better of keeping Blackwood.
  3. Rumour has it ther is an offer in for ther club . Maybe why AL has returned and his brother has gone.
  4. Oliver Crankshaw has left Bradford City AFC to join National League side Stockport County for an undisclosed fee. The winger has signed a three-year contract at Edgeley Park, having joined the Bantams from Wigan Athletic in January.
  5. Keith Curle said in his latest interview he is out because of registration issues. After previousley saying he was injured. Why lie about it before, or does he want to get sacked now.
  6. They really have gone past the point of no return . Get out of our club now , absolute clowns .
  7. I was at that game as well clapping the players out level with Paul Edwards is my then neighbour Frank Cambell who was a coach at Rochdale . Real nice guy .
  8. He looks a nervous wreck on his interview after the game
  9. Think this will be part of his new 3 year plan to be announced shortly. Personally I think a big swashbuckling number 9 would have done more for finances and the team.
  10. Thats what I thought . Remember the guy was a football agent he knows how to play the game .
  11. Think the only way he can regain any credability with the fans is to repay the EFL loan and put some funds into the club for recruitment of players as soon as possible . Fans wont accept another 3 years of this league or below. So his new 3 year plan is going to have to be very convincing and substantiated . Its imperative we dont go down again even if we have to suffer sometimes in silence or not. I do wonder about Saturdays gate is the inflated attendance figure an attempt to up the asking price of the club.
  12. Yeah I think Keillor-Dunne thinks he has made it. Curle once said last season some players think they are better than what they are . I suspect he was reffering to Keillor-Dunne. Could be a good player but needs to work harder and cut out the loose passes.
  13. Yes so do I. Also think the players deserve credit for adapting to formation chamges and loss of personel . Thought the new goalie commanded his area better than we have seen for a while and wasnt intimidated . Cant help thinking if had played at Bradford we would have won.
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