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  1. Hope we can get in the club next to ground Saturday maybe needing it after tonight
  2. Has to be the end tonight for him and it is only half time
  3. This is so bad joke of a club now laughing stock of the football league.
  4. Hope had his best game Saturday typical picked up knock....What will the fa do if we do not have enough players to field we are not far off at the amount with injuries.
  5. He is some player first to do a rabona at Boundary park and then megs the other guy absolute class
  6. Yes get the M25 protesters up to the A627m on Saturday to help out
  7. I did too such a waste to lose him to now non league he would have scored a few of the free kicks we have had and raised the crowd
  8. Yes Whelan played ok this season like you say keeps it moving.
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