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  1. The Company Oldham Athletic 2004 AFC Ltd has a much improved condition although still in a negative state. In the Year to 26th (30th) June 2018 1 of 2 things happened; 1) The Football Club became massively profitable OR....... 2) Some creditors (Long term ones at that) disappeared. IE Were written Off. I suggest the latter. The Balance Sheet is improved by some £5.5M so is now just simply shit as compared with horrendously shit as it had been previously. If Barrie Owen still reads the site he is still a tosser, in my humble opinion.
  2. At least I can understand the Quote facility, unlike you and plenty of others (this is probably going to be lost on you.)
  3. We don't have to be very good, just better than 21 other bags of shite. Simples
  4. What an absolute load of tosh. You are a pensioner with too much time on your hands and probably spend every morning reading your Daily Mail. Forward is the only way to look.
  5. Come here Ousmane, Ball... Foot... Kick. Yes that should do it. He will soon be playing holding midfielder at Stamford Bridge now. He is as similar to Makelele as I am to Lewis Hamilton because I once overtook a pensioner in her Nissan Sunny
  6. As what, a comedian? You probably rated Winchester too and before him Wesolowski. All low grade footballers (and I use that term loosely) who went on to lower levels on free transfers proving that they were over rated by Latics fans. All 3 could survive at 4th division level which merely illustrates how far we have fallen now. O'grady is passable too. Yes its that shite.
  7. Doing OK as in not being able to pass the ball more than 5 yards. Some fans have got used to watching absolute shite even before the 4th division. Thanks a lot Corney
  8. If you drank it as your mate Bambi used to shoot you would probably miss your gob. I see that you cannot still cannot bring yourself to forget being part of the 93%. £100,000........................................Q.E.D
  9. 250 Pages on the Takeover/ New Investment thread and we are now talking about which pies are best and when to go get them?
  10. Every other week yes- If correctly handled, which quite obviously Wellens couldnt do and Bunn hasnt this season. We have all played in teams including the likes of Byrne but I dont want the centre halves giving him a 5 yard pass in the centre circle. Get him on the edge of their area and the rest of the time the other 4 workhorses in midfield can ignore him. The times he isnt performing take him off and put Baxter on or even start Baxter the week after.
  11. To pinch a point you dont have to have been battered. I think that the terminology is correct when you set up to bore people to death and come away with a 0-0!
  12. I never said that it was definately still outstanding. This might be just admin being poor but it should have been corrected by now. It is not in the interest of the owners of OAFC 2004 Ltd for debts to still be shown if they have been settled. Necarcu should be instructed to take it off, immediately. Until it is taken off at Companies House I would judge it as still being outstanding. By the way the Accounts are nearly 5 months late too! These things are important in the commercial world. Our credit rating must be shot to bits but little things like this need sorting
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