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  1. Genuinely think this needs to happen. One big protest on the final day of the season maybe a couple of hours before kick off would show a strong message that this anger and frustration towards the Lemsagams isn’t going away. I realise it’s going to need somebody like PTB or lots of traction on social media to get anywhere but something needs to be done. Enough is enough.
  2. Don’t post on here much anymore, but trying to gather as much momentum as possible for a real demonstration for the televised game against Mansfield. Something needs to be done to show this chancer that the supporters have had enough, whether it’s tennis balls/red noses on the pitch or just banners around the place that the cameras can pick up. There seems to be a more united cause against the owner this time round than there was under Corney and I think with enough push we can finally get the message across to Abdallah that he simply can’t keep the running the place how he has been for over 1
  3. Only on Twitter at the moment, but apparently we've had another winding up order? Anyone else heard anything? Regarding the meeting, I was one of the ones who attended. I felt we only really scratched the surface due to the time constraints and even though we got a lot out of it, another meeting is definitely required sooner rather than later.
  4. I can make the 24th just booked it off work. Let me know via email if anything changes. Thanks again NNN ??
  5. It's the last thing I want. I just want to know my club is not being let slip into :censored:ing oblivion by those crooks.
  6. Are we any closer to new ownership now? No. It might just be the push it needs. Media attention etc.
  7. Better than just accepting the current situation with the current "awww never mind" attitude? Something has to change.
  8. Something needs to be done now. The man is the cancer of our club. Why are we not doing what Coventry and Blackpool are doing? I know we have a lot less fans, but are we that different to how we've been run? People just aren't interested in where we are heading. It's sad.
  9. Happy new year all! Let's hope for a Corney free 2017!
  10. Didn't renew for obvious reasons this season. If he's still at the helm next season the same will follow.
  11. Can we all put to for one that says "Simon Corney - Club Killer"?
  12. Yeah thanks for leading the way on this. Can't make tomorrow due to work commitments but if you could please email me a date and time for the actual meeting and I'll make sure I'm there.
  13. Will email some questions over later today but I'd be happy to come along also.
  14. That's the spirit. Shutting down people who actually want to get involved with this. Classic OWTB.
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