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  1. You can't be punished for thinking someone is one......as Marshy discovered !!
  2. We afforded him when in his prime, he's 33 and past his best. It's a bit disappointing we couldn't agree terms but perhaps his agent thinks he's worth more.
  3. Don't know what you're basing your pessimism on, I've been reasonably happy the way the team's shaping although we obviously need 3 or 4 more players.
  4. Due to his age and injury record think Sheehan's a bit part player.
  5. Past it ? Also thought he was a bit overrated whilst here. The number of times he just gave up when caught upfield really riled. No doubt he's had a half decent career but not the way forward in my opinion.
  6. Perhaps scouts don't know everything about the game........................
  7. Maybe it's Rangers who don't want it publicising ? Less and less transfer details are now in the public domain so we're no different from the majority of clubs.....in this case at least !
  8. We'll be able to make a definitive view this season as he seems to have got his choices in. We do look a bit more of a "team" at least pre-season.
  9. I doubt we'd find out which, if any, applies to Edmundson.
  10. The much vaunted Brentford sell-ons were on profits made on transfers not the full amounts.
  11. Wasn't over-impressed with him in previous matches, would sooner have Saul Milovanovic ( who hasn't played in the last couple ) but if Diarra plays like he did first half yesterday (and keeps his nose clean!) maybe we don't need either.
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