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  1. Not really bothered what they think, it's my club and my opinion !!
  2. The problem is few decent managers would consent to join us under the current regime so our options are not as open as others. I'm a great believer in giving a person a fair crack at the job and to my mind Kewell deserves at least another 12 months drinking from the poison chalice. How many can reasonably think that anyone could have done a much better job given the circumstances ?
  3. It's just a bit disrespectful if someone's name is slightly hard to remember/pronounce referring to them with something you make up. It's not a nickname if only you use it and could be construed as racist. Having said that I've referred to Bahamboola as Bamboozler with a degree of admiration and Roy's been calling Jombatti John Battye for half a season and don't regard either as racial slurs.
  4. I've always thought a good way for refs to get back at players who are shits is to wait till they blast one miles over the bar and whisper something like "Not too clever there son !" in their ear. Amazes me the numbers of so-called pros who don't know the rules, especially those employed by Sky and BT to explain the game to us ignoramuses.
  5. I had the Pfizer jab a couple of weeks ago with no side effects whatsoever Al.
  6. I don't want to interrupt, but I'm not alone in thinking a little bit of improvement in our defence could well put us in with a chance of the playoffs.
  7. Except we all know that's not going to happen. What I fail to comprehend is why a supposed businessman would waste a fairly large amount of their payroll budget to save losing face or prove a point. Any owner moving into a new business looks for ways to save wasted money, which is an easy fix. What they'd make of the Wheater situation I can't imagine.
  8. It is all about collective improvement and one man can't guarantee that but an experienced calm defender could eke out the small margin upgrade necessary in our defenders to see us play off bound. Whether Wheater is that man is open to debate.
  9. Not much idea at all. We're so inconsistent it's who turns up on the day. I can't even decide who I don't want in the starting eleven.
  10. The mere fact there are no outstanding teams this season make promotion a lot easier than usual. I don't expect it will concern us but it's definitely a missed opportunity. With a modicum of prudent planning and common sense oversight we should have expected a playoff place at least.
  11. Great "journeyman" centre forward and a nice bloke too, Bob Ledger was devastated when he passed away.
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