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  1. And to think Evans has been getting a bit of stick on here !
  2. Condolences to your families and friends at your loss Al. Remember the away trips in Denis' mini van with the "floating" bus seat in the back and getting lost virtually every time ! I see Denis now and again and will pass the sad news on. RIP Ian.
  3. Your "Manager Sacking Agenda" is getting the better of you. Curle apparently quite rightly had a go at the players after yesterday's non-performance but no manager is going to change all the players for the next match. For my money he played a few he wasn't sure about yesterday and should have had his mind made up about them. He could have played a couple of kids to give them experience but perhaps felt it more prudent to examine his more senior "fringe" players. I hope he stays longer (as I've hoped most previous incumbents would !) and challenges the owner's ideology
  4. Their tenure is a bit like you hire a competent electrician and he says "be careful that wire's live" but you chuck a bit of water on it just to make sure. Just let the professionals do their job !
  5. I thought they were injured as they've been out of the picture for so long.
  6. You learn more about a player, be it good or otherwise, when they're on the pitch. Perhaps he just needed confirmation of his opinions.
  7. I get the analogy with the owners but including Curle is tenuous at best. I may be wrong but I trust him to build a promotion challenging team.......if given the chance !
  8. It's been said Bilboe was injured also, but agree it's a bit baffling why he hasn't played especially with our surfeit of loan players.
  9. "If you can't change the players............change the players !!". Hope he's here next season.
  10. You're going to not care for a while I guess as the owners aren't showing itchy feet. For me Curle has showed what he patently is, a manager with experience, and I'm glad to stick with him for a season at least.
  11. He's a hard man to fit into any recognised system as he's such a maverick but I enjoyed watching him. Perhaps he's returning to his family firm and back to just playing for fun.
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