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  1. Agree with above post to a point. Piergianni's distribution is not great but playing alongside Clarke ( who presumably can pass the ball accurately ) should see him able to give the 20 yard sideways passes and let the young lad do the business. Let's face it if the alternative's giving it short to one of our current back four then lumping it 50 yards doesn't seem such a bad option.
  2. The main positive to come from last night's game ( apart from the point ) was Clarke's vignette which showed he should start at every opportunity.
  3. With contrasting number of league appearances though. I thought Hamer looked much more comfortable as a wing back on Saturday, even his crossing was decent.
  4. He's not been played wide this season has he ?
  5. Didn't he have a gammy knee whilst here which slowed him up a bit ? But agree he was decent in his pomp.
  6. Good to see plenty of players arriving in the box on several occasions yesterday. I've been under-impressed with Tom Hamer this year but it's great to see him getting in the picture for both goals, especially making a 70 yard run in support for the winner.
  7. I'd like to see Whelan alongside a half decent experienced player before binning him off completely. It's especially hard for kids playing in a poor side.
  8. The lad from Arsenal doesn't look as if he'll be easily bullied if his pictures anything to go off !
  9. If you're taking the piss at least get the odd fact right. Our "under 15 keeper" is at least 18.
  10. I'm sure there's someone in your family well qualified for the job !
  11. It's obvious we need a couple of experienced "battle hardened" players in midfield and defence who know how to win games. You react to where you are, not where you'd like to be !
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