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  1. I signed for an initial 4 weeks and it automatically renews accordingly.
  2. Played as a wing back a few times earlier, when fit ??
  3. Agree with this but not if it involves putting a fairly basic 4th division centre half up front and expecting them to be Ian Marshall, as some have suggested. We need a pretty big centre forward who is mobile to close down defenders not a "statue" to just aim long balls at, ideally someone like Jayden Stockley ( I know we're not in the market for anyone of his ability ) who destroyed us a couple of years ago whilst playing for Exeter. The lad Armstrong at Harrogate did a similar job on us the other week and was the difference between 3 points and none.
  4. I think if you'd 183 million in the bank you could afford a few frivolous indulgences.
  5. Allegedly a Latics fan so it's not that bizarre and his travel expenses would be negligible.
  6. His "rescuing" of high street shops is with the object of showing a profitable outcome, I'm not sure we'd fall into that category.
  7. Are you sure she wasn't just pretending she didn't speak English ?
  8. He did hit an early cross in the first half against Leeds which Da Silva headed bringing a save from their goalie. He does seem to hit them early, which is great if your forwards are on the front foot, so perhaps if he slowed down a bit and took his man on it would give our "strike force" time to get in position, alongside their markers !!
  9. I'm hopeful too but his shooting is as diabolical as the rest of the squad. The number of times we blast it way over the bar is incredible, that's when we actually manage to get a shot off. There's very little composure in any of our players when facing goal, most seem to think that if you hit it as hard as you can one will go in sooner or later. There doesn't appear to be any plan to shoot in our player's thought processes, which surely is a basic principle of the game.
  10. Hamer lacked confidence going forward with the ball, Vaughn certainly doesn't, and showed on Saturday he's not afraid to shoot when the occasion arrives. He is on the small side but makes up for that with great enthusiasm and with normal progression should have a good career, hopefully with us !
  11. Well he ended up sticking Vaughn out there, and nobody passed to him, so he could have done that earlier or Bettache who at least has a left foot and wouldn't slow down attacks by constantly cutting inside. We've really missed Hart who I thought was probably our best player in our first few matches.
  12. Fage didn't track the goal scorer for their second and should have been subbed immediately in my opinion. When getting forward near the box he seems to run out of ideas, seems reluctant to shoot ( a team trait ) and just chips a ball into the middle when a low hard cross could be more rewarding. His best games are when supporting Bahamboola down the right and obviously Curle was hoping they'd do the same down the opposite flank, but they didn't. I've not totally given up on him but he needs to tie down his place in the team in just one position if he is to progress.
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