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  1. Dreadful reffing, appalling second goal but we’re definitely still in it. Got to keep our discipline, fingers crossed for the second half.
  2. Sorry for the repeat post from another thread, but I thought this game was being broadcast on BBC red button as well. Not so?
  3. Have I got this wrong? I thought the match was on BBC red button too.
  4. An interesting read. I was, and still am, Latics mad but don’t remember his stay with us at all. Must have been very fleeting. A sobering read, thanks BP and a happy new year.
  5. Always left a bitter taste that Sharp was chosen over Stitch. I always thought that Joe would have had a hand in picking his successor and went for Sharp due to the Everton connection. Just my opinion. Furthermore, I think Latics fans would have been far more satisfied if Stitch had been given the job and we struggled in the First Division (Championship) as he was so much more in-tune with the club and its expectations / traditions than Sharp ever could be.
  6. Well that was a tenner well spent. Just given a rousing rendition of Oh When The Blues in the kitchen which was met by odd looks from the rest of the family. Another good win.
  7. That makes a lot of sense to me. Any sort of nullification and goalless draw would be a major result (and surprise).
  8. Have I missed the iFollow code email for season ticket holders for tonight’s extravagnaza? Don’t think I’ve had one for me and my dad yet. Cheers
  9. Disenfranchised Wardie, and i feel exactly the same. An unfathomable selection.
  10. Much appreciated. I will try to get in touch and rectify next week.
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