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  1. As mentioned, you should all get to ur local non league teams and support them during the stay away period. Would make a hell of a difference if Mossley got an extra hundred.
  2. Booorrrriiinnngggg. Just go and watch the match, enjoy it then come home. End of
  3. Nah, more interested in watching the tics tbh
  4. Although we've been slow (to say the least) in finalising recruitment, I think curle is putting together a good core of English players that know the division and buy into his philosophy. I'm reasonably positive and think we should finish top half with the potential loan signings. I can't really be bothered getting too involved in the Off field stuff as I'm only really interested in the on field as not that committed to the club. However, so far we look okay and if we can add a couple of decent centre mid options I'm looking forward to some good away days
  5. Really enjoyable and interesting podcast that had me glued. Great work guys. I thought Barry came across pretty good tbh and I guess from my POV I didn't full realise how effed the club is until listening to that. Really shocking!! Have it saved on Spotify now so am gonna work through the back catalogue
  6. Wonder how much it pays? May have a crack at it
  7. This place is a joke with the amount of back tracking that goes on
  8. I got fifty Bentley's in the west indies! It doesn't matter!
  9. Keep these going as better than some of the other match reports I've seen
  10. Only post when things get a bit tough and jump straight on the negative wagon.
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