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  1. I live in Lincolnshire and travel over to take my Dad to the match, something that we have done for a long time. Yes the standard of football maybe poor and the alleged issues behind the scenes are concerning but we suffer the wind, rain and freezing conditions because for 90 minutes we escape the day to day personal struggles and spend a little quality time together. Hence, I will not be boycotting because spending that quality time with my Dad means much more.
  2. I believe both clubs have to agree to the disclosure of any fee or sell on clause so it may not be possible for anyone at the club to disclose the details.
  3. To be honest, not sure he is a KC type of player.
  4. Call it what you like, I would not be doing it if I was looking to sell up.
  5. Maybe he has realised that his approach has not worked and this is last chance saloon to placate the fan base. Personally, I think things have gone too far for that but If KC can deliver a successful season without obvious interference, it may make the club more attractive to sell and MO maybe able to recover more of his investment. Undertaking major pitch renovation and offering KC a longer term deal with a promise of a reasonable player budget does not appear to be the sign of someone looking to sell the club. Lets face it, if the club starts winning games and challenging, some of the fan base will attend games.
  6. After 3 seasons of his operati After several seasons of a failed business model and thousands of pounds wasted on dross, maybe they will finally realise that it has not worked and they will allow someone who knows what they are doing recruit the team. There are enough decent players being released at the moment who could be brought in early and get the club challenging at the right end. How we all deserve something positive to look forward to after this COVID affected season!
  7. No real surprises with the retained list, notwithstanding those signed by the sporting Director before KC rolled in. Whatever money we have available, it needs investing in a solid spine to the team. I would pull out the stops to sign Conor McAleny which would show some good intention but suspect he will be off to better things.
  8. Its a tragedy when any football club goes out of business for a few weeks wages of a Premier League Player Football clubs like Oldham and Bury are the hub of their local communities. Its the whole structure of football, the distribution of TV money and owners who are not "fit and proper" that are the problem. It all needs a good shake up.
  9. I think Al has plenty of ambition but is clueless how to achieve it
  10. Would be interesting to know how much money the owners have spent on sacking managers and paying off contracts of the players who speak out against them. I am sure it would have formed a very healthy budget to build a squad capable of mounting a promotion push.
  11. Totally agree. We are team with flaws but we have brought in some attacking talent and are developing others into decent players and we are bloody entertaining, something we have not been for many years. At a time of COVID, it's nice to have something to look forward to twice a week.
  12. We are an enigma, very frustrating but you cannot deny the entertainment.
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