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  1. I think Al has plenty of ambition but is clueless how to achieve it
  2. Would be interesting to know how much money the owners have spent on sacking managers and paying off contracts of the players who speak out against them. I am sure it would have formed a very healthy budget to build a squad capable of mounting a promotion push.
  3. Totally agree. We are team with flaws but we have brought in some attacking talent and are developing others into decent players and we are bloody entertaining, something we have not been for many years. At a time of COVID, it's nice to have something to look forward to twice a week.
  4. We are an enigma, very frustrating but you cannot deny the entertainment.
  5. It's not something you can change in the January transfer window though is it. It's a whole different debate. Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and move forward and hope that the owners learn from mistakes.
  6. Notwithstanding what has gone on before where the owners have made numerous mistakes, how can selling a player who probably wants the move and would go for nothing at the end of the season be a mistake. It makes perfect economic sense to cash in especially at a time when there is no income stream. Had we been top of this crappy league with a chance of going up then that would be different and you would take the risk and financial hit. Football us a business and the days when players stayed loyal for the love of the club fizzled out years ago. I dont like it anymore than most buf its realit
  7. Whilst it is disappointing when one of the better players leaves but if is nothing new. It has happened thriughout my 40 years of supporting the club. We can all make assumptions but fact is he was out of contract at the end of the season and has moved to a potentially bigger club on probably more money. Even if we had offered him a new deal, it was probably less than Bradford have offered. Football is no longer about loyalty, its a business and has to be run on a sustainable footing. In these difficult times, most clubs can only offer short term contracts because of lack if revenue. It's
  8. Just sour grapes. Most managers will say they lost because of a defensive mistake or poor finishing. We scored more than they did on the day so we won...simples.
  9. Does if really matter. Let's just enjoy that we are winning a few games with an exciting brand of attacking football. It's been a while coming and fair play to HK for turning things around and the owners for recruiting some decent players. Long may it continue.
  10. It's hard to judge anyone properly when the manager chops and changes his formation and team every week. No one gets to build an understanding of a team mate when half the team is rotated every match. I dont think the squad is any different to the majority of the teams in what is a poor league. I think we lack a leader on the field (which is annoying when we have one playing with the kids) and a manager who understands league 2 football.
  11. Cup and TV money have put £160k back into the club so far. Probably not what some want to hear though.
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