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  1. Now I would have him in the team, great player.
  2. At least four minutes for goal celebrations & substitutions. Did either physio come on?
  3. That went well, not sure he’s cut out for this managing malarkey
  4. McCall loves a trip to BP, a defeat in OL1 looks like it’s going to get him sacked...again. A quick look on the Bratfud forums suggest they’re ill with him and want him out.
  5. Right, I’ve been speaking to someone very in the know today. Players & staff kept the shirts and they were issued two sets, one long and one short sleeved. GKs were issued two identical kits. Kits were numbered 1-18 with four blanks/spares or blood shirts. As we know, only 1-14 (excluding 13) were actually ‘matchworn’ , but staff changed into their shirts (John Terry stylee) for the medal ceremony and Ronnie Evans wore 15. They were never sold in the shop, but there was a limited edition run of 100 replicas sold, they had the felt embossed crest with embroidered ‘lea
  6. One for the teenagers here. Something I’ve been looking at on Twitter this evening that’s got me wracking my brains from 30 years ago. The match shirt from the final, you know the one with ‘league cup final 1990’ embroidered under the embroidered club crest. Where these ever available to buy from the club shop? Either as a replica (with felt crest) or as match worn (embroidered)?
  7. Above Harrogate in the table, what a time to be alive
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