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  1. I suppose I could vocally protest against the owner whilst there, I’ll take some tangerines and perhaps a banner
  2. Ow do Mr Millibob, hope you’re well? Been told the children get comps, but parents have to pay.
  3. Well asking for a spare had crossed my mind, but feel it’s a tad cheeky. Everyone I know who previously had ST’s hasn’t renewed.
  4. Dear Deidre, I’ve just found out that my daughters football team have been invited to BP on match day v Newport and will play on the pitch at half time, great and what a lovely opportunity for them. Not so great is that for all those excited children there will be one or two proud parents wishing to watch their kids big moment…but we have to pay. Now in normal circumstances I’d be willing (I think) but normal, things are not. So I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma as I’ve been boycotting since March 2019. Do I swallow my pride, briefly put my differences aside, hand over the shillings and enjoy my daughters big moment on the hallowed turf? Or do I stick two fingers up at them and tell them where to shove it, thus keeping my boycott and reputation (if indeed I still have one) intact, but have the fallout from a desperately disappointed nine year old. Yours faithfully, Dick
  5. Apologies wrong thread, I’ll try again. Anyone ever seen one of these before? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OLDHAM-ATHLETIC-FOOTBALL-SHIRT-1985-86-SPALL-LONG-SLEEVE-GENUINE-ORIGINAL-SIZE-M-/324687187968?_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249 My thinking is mocked up bollock? But happy to be proved wrong?
  6. Dock them all 60 points next season, see how they like it at the wrong end of the table. Seriously though, they can’t go unpunished for this.
  7. There will be absolutely no reputational damage done here, we should all carry on as if nothing has happened
  8. Bit inconsiderate to release that statement right on the kick off of our big roses battle with Harrogate. Good news though.
  9. European Super League: Chelsea preparing to withdraw from proposed competition https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56823501
  10. There’s nothing to see here, it will not happen. It’s just brinkmanship by the ‘big six’.
  11. Bring it on, might be the only way we get rid of these herberts.
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