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  1. I re-call a Dean Holden side beating a top 10 Rochdale side during last season just saying
  2. which of the 5 will takeover from Kelly's failure of the team the obvious one left a League 2 promotion pushing side down devon 1. Paul Dickov 2. John Sheridan 3. Dean Holden 4. David Dunn 5. Neil Redfearn whats the likely hood that these five names will be put into a hat and 1 of them randomly picked?
  3. Because of your greedy wannabe premier league club our Match Day has become more expensive on advice from your directors to ours well done Biffo's yet another thing you've ruined at Fortress Spotland
  4. Fon Williams wasn't apart of Stockport County's relegation side as he'd came to Rochdale on our original highest place finish then were released before becoming apart of the plastic scousers team, He's also a regular in Wales Squad any League 1 & league 2 club be lucky to have him inbetween the sticks don't judge a player for how they got out of their contract even in League 2 he were being eyed by championship sides while plastic scousers were turning them away
  5. Considering the calibure of teams (Bigger budgets than both our clubs) coming into the league, i think Rochdale will finish a comtable 16th in this league depending on the Summer Transfer window & If Blackburn Rovers aren't taken our Manager possibly higher
  6. failed managers aren't always the solution to Football Club's problems even ask the likes of Barnsley, Portsmouth, Plymouth just to name a few i think Dean Holden has overachieved with a team which isn't even his own his done well earning 13 Points against Champions & 2 Play Offs contenders, top 10 clubs aswell why so egar to get rid of the guy when he puts his foot-print in Latics you'll be Top 10 Club without a doubt this thread makes you look like Barnsley Fans
  7. Dale Fan in Peace enjoy my review of the Ice Station Zebra Good Luck for the Rest of the Season UP THE DALE https://rochdaleawaydayreview.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/away-day-review-oldham-athletic-v-rochdale-ice-station-zebra/
  8. I'd be focusing on future local matches not making the Play Offs even as a Dale Fan if were to make it to them and lose it wouldn't be all bad i'd be praying Millwall don't return be keeping that hope that Bolton Wanderers remain dragged into the relegation battle along side the Wigans and Blackpool's of the world i don't think promotion would benefit any of the League One Northern sides considering how southern the championship will be next season it'd be very beneficial a Northern League One with Shrewsbury, Burton, Bury, Possibly Morecambe (Dark Horses via Play Off) with Rochdale, Bradford,
  9. You lot will probably end up with Dean Holden as your caretaker manager till end of the season that's if Barnsley don't also take him and the rest of the staff from you
  10. Do you all even own grit in that neck of the woods i think this game could of been easily on just look at us we've had snow in the past and still managed to get matches on just like weekend. Another thing it seems like your club used the good old cba attitude didn't even bother asking your fans, also your club claim it were agreed with Dale yet our club didn't find out till it been posted on your official site. I purely think this is down to you lot not wanting to play an on form side and money because your attentances would of been very low tonight. If thats the case that its down to pure gre
  11. Yup indeed he is been brilliant against Bradford City & Would of scored on Crawley Town if hadn't been fouled in the box, i agree he's certainly a class above the rest We've gave him Roy Hodgson's England Chant
  12. Latics 0 - 4 Dale (Done, Henderson, Camps & Andrew) Our team could be anybody inter-changable side as Nottingham Forest found out unlike some in this league
  13. 4th Tier had far better Away Trips than 3rd Tier not being funny but i'd pick that division over the Premiership poison anyday of the week
  14. I'm not being funny but you make out it's the end of the world if your team end up in the 4th Tier it worked wonders for the likes of Brentford, Bournemouth, Wigan Athletic, Burnley & Rotherham United maybe a step backwards will be the rise of the sleeping dragon don't put the 4th Tier down till you've actually experienced it for yourselves
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