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  1. To be fair I only clicked on the wooden pole picture.
  2. Great days when the mutants came out in force and blamed Keegan for the on-goings at the club.
  3. Surridge was different gravy. Obvs didn't like it here but was so much better than L2. 6'3, took players on for fun and could finish with absolute ease. He turned that Fulham game when he came on. Luckily we had Lang to step into the void he left but now we have Desire and Urko. Fuck sake.
  4. One of the best wingers in the division dropping a League to escape Abdallah. I’m fucking appalled. People defending Abdallah must genuinely be fucking dense.
  5. Nepo & Wheater departing is the current rumour.
  6. Think it's all been sorted. No surprise. What precedence does this set for other owners now? Dale & Bury have gotten away with murder.
  7. I think their season should be forfeited and they start next year in League 2 on -15
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