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  1. A lack off experience within the coaching team has cost us and Wellens big style. I bet we are the only team in England to have no assistant manager....
  2. Wellens to remain for me as long as he appoints an assistant manager.
  3. Wellens needs to appointment an assistant manager (or experienced coach on temporary basis) as soon as possible. With TP no longer around on matchdays (not seen him recently) there is no experience on the sidelines and it doesn’t help with the lack of it on the pitch. It was similar with Johnson when he only had Murray.
  4. Ricky Holden scored some great goals. There is a collection on YouTube.
  5. I thought Jones and Kelly played better when we reverted to a diamond shape with Kelly playing as the holding, Jones and Winchester central with Philly at the top. We played our best football under LJ with this formation until teams started to expose us out wide.
  6. We will be lucky to muster 3000 fans for a home game never mind an away game.
  7. Tony P and Shirtliff would be my preferred choice. But my only concern is their knowledge of lower league footballers as we need to sign a number of players. I wonder if our scouting system (do we have one?) has a short list of players for the new season? But I suspect most of these will be heading to Nottingham!
  8. - The Leeds job is all rumours but he would go if he got offered the job. He wouldn't go to Bolton. No contact from either team. - Croft hasn't been offered a contract yet. He has been invited to pre season and they will see how things go. - Coleman isn't first choice for next season. He is looking to sign an experienced keeper. - Jones wanted to much money. He can get a better player for less money. - Gregan was the problem at the dogs. - looking to sign around 8 players. Signing loan players will happen close to the start of the season. - Shez can see a player in Winchester but he needs to sort himself out. - He has offered a contract to Halloway. He didn't mention any of the other loan players.
  9. We should find out more tonight at the question and answer session with Shez.
  10. Isn't our current goalkeeping coach also the fitness coach? I may be wrong. Signing Ingham would improve match day warm up as we would have a specialist goalkeeping coach and specialist fitness coach. Last season Murray/Holden/Lockwood did the fitness warm up.
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