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  1. hence Everton's management team getting at the ref for the replay in the week ahead of the game ,whinging on about our rough play and tactics in the press hence us getting fuck all at goodison
  2. can anybody tell me who this jiraard chap is that the commentator is on about
  3. see wellens son signed for utd today double celebration for him
  4. ah the uppermill cricket square the 300 square feet of hallowed turf under the tender care of Fred who would be out in all weathers day and night tending his turf and woe betide anyone who had the temerity to walk upon it in a none match situation without his expressed permission .
  5. for the third time ? Moore- corney corney-AL Al - ???
  6. https://twitter.com/MikeMinay/status/1233456438489550848?s=20
  7. whereas this shower in charge seem to be stuck on windows 3.1 .......
  8. seem to remember many saying that two years ago and look where we are now teams around us WILL strengthen in the window while we fritter about bringing in other teams crap castoffs
  9. very close to mansfield local station is Alfeton & Mansfield Parkway
  10. to much like common sence for that to happen with this shower
  11. they looked genuinely shocked at the hostility from some this wasnt how kevin chuckle and his chums had told him it would go
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