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  1. Diarra was the best of a bad lot last week too (other than sub Vaughan).
  2. Agreed - the support from Orient players and supporters alike was something to behold. Admittedly they have a particular understanding of our plight, but as long as we keep them onside I’m sure most rivals will be similarly supportive.
  3. My first match this season, and boy was that bad! Hadn’t realised we have stooped so low! Vaughan was streets ahead of the rest, and only others that were anywhere near were Diarra, Piergianni (both for perspiration over inspiration) and maybe the goalie who wasn’t to blame for any of the goals. All four goals were an absolute disaster defensively- the one area you’d have thought Curle would have them well drilled in. I’m afraid Jamieson is way out of his depth, even amongst his current colleagues! The only tiny glimmer of hope for me is that there were so many potential first choicers still missing, but today we were so far off that I don’t think we’d have had a chance even with them. Proud to be part of a very impressive and loud support base today - if we’re like this after 25 years of crap imagine what we’d be like if we had a good team to support!
  4. We will be playing Sutton (home and away) if they go up
  5. That’s 80 goals conceded in the league this season. And we’re no longer the top scorer, which was a (very) small consolation.
  6. I wonder how many points a team with Garrity in has gained this season. We would surely have gone down if he’d played all season?? Hard worker but absolutely dire on the ball, incapable of passing to a teammate from what I’ve seen (which admittedly isn’t that many this season).
  7. Wow, well done Dave. You’ve got a good memory or you’ve checked your OASIS database! Happy days.
  8. I won the quiz that night Dave - still got the signed football and photo with Neil Adams.
  9. I’ve got one..... and I’m keeping it! Don’t often get mentioned in a book. Mind you Dave, you must have had more time on your hands back then than Singe has now .
  10. Regular in a team above us in the League with plenty of experience at this level. Not his fault those signed before him are so poor and numerous.
  11. Very surprised Peter Clarke not on anyone’s list! Maybe rose coloured spectacles only available after they’ve left for more than 5 years? I would go for Clarke, Sheridan and Ripley.
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