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  1. Great to see some new names here and people willing to shake things up I would guess. well done for stepping up to the plate guys.
  2. Meaningless mate. Whether it’s a fantastic appointment or not is irrelevant. We have had the luxury of lots of theoretically ‘fantastic appointments’ since these guys came in, on and off the pitch. Far more promising than the appointments made under corney. for some reason none of them have made a jot of difference. I wonder why..... don’t be so easily bought
  3. He’s a luxury. If we get more than 100k I’d sell. Rather have a decent centre half. You don’t need players of that skill level to get you out of this division. He is the gold plated finish on a Ford Focus. Fantastic footballer but we don’t need Messi. A decent sell on clause is absolutely critical.
  4. Great well done. Telling others how it should be done is the easy bit. And it seems to be what everyone is very good at. It’s not enough though is it.
  5. I rest my case. We don’t have huge numbers of people with talent and the skill set to do things properly.
  6. Thanks for your feedback but there is a reason fans of clubs like Exeter get their shit together and ours don’t
  7. I approached PtB about 15 months ago and suggested that a key part of their focus should be on the trust. Not taking over the trust but holding that body to account and getting them to be better. That appears to be happening now. The trust can be an important vehicle for fan influence (ranging from potential ownership through to day to day decision making within the club) given its remit, legal status and starting position. PtB cannot be that. They do have complementary agendas though and joint working is necessary. PtB should certainly be turning the screw on the trust and am glad to see that happening. It is through the trust that one day we could have a club that we have a major control in. That has to be the collective overall goal (which goes way beyond Abdallah out). To that end the trust is worthy of our attention. You may not like what it is does but it offers us hope for a future where fans have some real control. Our starting position is a decent one in achieving this in that we have a legally incorporated trust with a shareholding. The issue is not that that shareholding is pointless as some would say but rather that the shareholding has never been used effectively nor has there ever been any effort to build on it to increase control and influence. That’s what now needs to happen.
  8. They’ve gained the trust and respect of the fan base in a short space of time. They are in a strong position to be an effective body which represents fans going forward. The present trust is a long way from that. what exactly did you expect PtB to have been able to achieve in 18 months?
  9. As ever you entirely miss the point. The trust is only as effective as the people on it. If you don’t believe in the concept of the trust, then don’t spend so much energy moaning about it. If you believe it could have a purpose then get involved and make it better. You won’t though. You are a classic keyboard warrior and typical Oldham fan to be honest. All mouth
  10. It didn’t appear to with corney. It’s one thing having some rights. It’s quite another knowing how and when to use them to best effect.
  11. Interesting view. Not sure I get that. How does one explain the championship which is often very tight (though not quite as tight at the top this year)? Is that league shite as well?
  12. Why does being ten points from third make the league garbage? It means it’s tight. That’s an entirely different point. Garbage compared to what? Is tier 4 worse now than it used to be? Is there a history of teams going from tier 4 to 3 and going straight back down? On what measure is it garbage? I here this a lot. I don’t really understand the point being made
  13. Loads. The discussion will move on to how fans need to organise themselves to affect real change. Give it time. It’s all good.
  14. Comparing apples and pears. Totally different experience. There are a number of clubs which I think it would be genuinely miserable to support almost as much as us. Those that float between top champ and bottom prem, who know they aren’t going anywhere and never ever get anywhere in the cups. West brom and Newcastle immediately spring to mind.
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