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  1. I think one of the best posts I've seen on here was shortly after Ashley bought a lingerie company to add to his sports direct empire, where people were speculating about if the sports direct / club shop would start stocking a wider range of merchandise. It was something like 'nothing says sexy like a giant free mug' It still makes me smile when I'm using my giant free mug.
  2. Unlikely I'd think. Several reasons Its a whole world of pain for £50k - only a fool would do that...... £50k is only 1/9th of last year's core solidarity payment- you'd take more Someone on here has suggested the EFL loan is £350K
  3. I think I was at all the 1980's ones might have missed the simod cup. Was the Orient game the one in the snow- think I remember wearing two pairs of trousers and still being freezing in a thinly populated Chaddy.
  4. It could be a lot more than £300k.- as much as £1.35million. I don't know the value- maybe someone on here does? What we do know is that it is to be paid back from solidarity payments over 3 years. Last year's 'core' solidarity payment was £450k so a presumed maximum would be 3x that. Of course you might say it would be madness to borrow and spend such a large part of the next three year's income especially given the impact on team strength and wiping out any potential sales value at the end of the season. It does smack of 'no more money for Mo's play thing'
  5. Sorry I should have been clearer. I intended to make a point about our players only have any value in the January window because they can all leave on a free at the end of the season- which they might want to because their wages here are capped until the end of monitored loan. Ignoring the madness of crippling the team by taking the loan- it now makes sense to cash in January so don't get too optimistic about 'building' A best case scenario (other than an orderly transition from clown land) would be sell one/ two of the emerging youth and or Bam for enough to clear the loan and actually start to build. I fear a low value desperation fire sale, paying off some of the less able and then limping along with whats left. I could be completely wrong and the football genius that is Mo is working a cunning plan to blood a few of the youngsters and then sell them for millions with add ons to follow in January allowing clearance of the loan and reinvestment.
  6. I think the bigger problem is we have no one of value at the end of the season, anyone can leave on a free so the clowns will most likely sell anyone who can command a fee. Then we go into next season with 22 newbies on £800 week max and repeat. But hey he is 'happy with the financial arrangements'
  7. I think its really an advance. It is 'paid back' from future solidarity payments. Somewhere I've seen a three year term mentioned so perhaps 3 years solidarity payments. Don't know what happens if relegated. I had a look here https://resources.premierleague.com/premierleague/document/2020/12/16/d0570106-13b3-47f6-a73d-7a80eba8ecc3/Premier-League-funding-to-EFL-clubs-Oldham-Athletic.pdf which shows 2019-20 values which might not be too far away. League 2 clubs seem to get £450K 'Core' club payment so up to £1.35 million? Little sideline from looking at other clubs figures- the payment is split into 3 parts. Core which seems fixed at £450k and then academy and community payments. We seemed to get more for the community than most- maybe that reflects the good work done by the community trust.
  8. details here Monty https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes/embargoes-faqs/ I don't think it is too hard to get your head around but clearly too much for someone at the club. There are restrictions on salary and length of contract which essentially destroy the find and develop a gem model. The club can staff up to a squad of 23 in a transfer window. If the youth become established they count to this number so essentially you would have to loose more before you brought in another £800 a week short term star.
  9. respect to anyone who traveled tonight- was never going to be a 'Fulham'
  10. Pretty much inevitable when the 'happy with the financial arrangements of the loan' mob signed up to a small squad restrictions etc. Worse than shambles- this is a conscious decision.
  11. I agree it probably doesn't matter. I don't expect an administrator to have anything to work with to keep the club going whilst attempts are made to flush out a buyer. If the club is wound up I wouldn't expect a distribution. As someone said there won't be much (anything) for him as a shareholder but do directors loans sit somewhere else in the pecking order? Can he have secured them against some asset (if we had any?) Just curious really. I can't see how he can recover his costs. Sell anyone who can kick a ball in the Jan window? Won't raise a fortune. Everyone knows they can have their pick for free in the summer. Only options I can see are take a realistic price now and walk away with losses capped ( if there really is a buyer) or make a proper go of it but he doesn't seem to have the funds, ambition, know how or people around him to do that. Anything else just increases his exposure whilst his asset shrinks.
  12. Anyone who knows the ins and outs of insolvency know where 'Directors loans' rank ? His asset is decreasing in value week by week. End of the season he has literally nothing other than a badge, a lease on a creaking stadium and presumably 'membership' of the EFL and very possibly not the last of those. He seems to think he can get back everything he has put in- clearly unrealistic with current strategies. It seems to be accepted his asking price is too high. If we go bump where do his loans rank? I'd guess but am happy to be educated they would be after HMRC, 'football debts'- if he wants to keep his league membership, banks/ mortgage holders... Can't see him getting anything back. In which case far better to sell for x% of something than nothing surely.
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