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  1. I'm not sure I understand football anymore. We play what most would say was our best side (Wheater excepted) and get rolled over by a side that couldn't buy a win. We take out both centre backs, almost everyone is expecting a thumping and beat Exeter who were on a roll. Drop one of the goal scorers who probably had his best match then bang 4 past Barrow. What next- strongest team on Saturday and get thumped? Is Kewell learning, a genius, or is this league just so full of so so teams that three wins in five puts you near the top of the pile. Either way conce
  2. John Ryan hit a few- doubt there is video of many
  3. or they've both been seen walking Wheater's dog
  4. I did say 'just maybe'. I am confident- absolutely not, I am hopeful- probably a bit in a slightly deluded way. Of course it might just mean they stay around for longer and we continue to sink.
  5. I think Big Joe is on record somewhere as saying the two cup runs funded the promotion run to the top tier. I think the cash available now dwarfs what was available back then. In the Fulham year we could have beaten Doncaster which would probably have provided another live TV game. A run of games like that would completely cover the current wage bill. Of course that might mean ALMO just put less in, and you might have to watch him grinning all over the TV, and be some motivation for him hanging around longer. We've no way of knowing how close is to quitting, I have no insight into
  6. Another late goal scored- not a bad habit
  7. Hope that's not the same 'covid' that put Wheater out
  8. I think there is a credibility issue here. The (changing) story doesn't add up. When seen in the light of everything else over their tenure it starts to smell a bit off. On the distance front. I think that is a matter for the club to be concerned about but not one to make public in such a manner. I doubt he is traveling in a chaufeur driven limo- so stress, lack of mobility etc all come into play. Pre-covid I was doing 500 miles a week commute and I found it draining. I have half a memory of Currie and Jobson getting stuck on the M62 ( think they lived Hull way) and miss
  9. 4 games in 7 points. Could get something from Cheltenham. Form over last 5 is identical, Salford only one point better over last 5. All three teams reasonably high scoring, challenge is they both concede a lot less.
  10. Surely for quality Latics full back its needs to be a pudding on a muffin.
  11. There's some truth to that but its not 100%. Peter Clark managed to get relegated twice in one season - but I'd take someone with his attitude, commitment and leadership in a heartbeat.
  12. I hope its not a sixty year cycle Pete, there won't be many of us left to see the next peak if it is.
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