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  1. If we were in a League with 4 relegation places I would be seriously, seriously worried even after 3 league games, since there's only 2 I'm just seriously worried. What the hell was Wheater thinking coming here, surely he'd of had other offers, Think I'd have rather not been payed and stayed at Bolton getting pummeled off Tranmere than play with this lot
  2. From what I'm reading and hearing I think Iacovitti will be going down in the 'looked decent when on loan' to being turgid once signed book
  3. Fair enough, was having a thought while wishing 4 o'clock on whilst undercoating some skirting, id have thought Lacovitti is more suited to a cb role and can see Hamer turning to a cb in the future and with Wheater in the middle looks a decent back 3, have we signed another lb this summer or is Lacovitti our likely starter? apologise if already been mentioned I don't have a clue who any of these incoming are barring Wheater over the last 2 days
  4. True but under different managers and with different squads, just a question and thought and forgot we'd been setting the world on fire with 4-4-2 aswell
  5. Quick question, not been to a friendly so was wondering are we likely to be 4-4-2 this season from what's games in pre-season or 3-5-2, trying to pass the day till clocking off and looking at the squad I think we'd suit 3-5-2 more
  6. Not read the posts since the final whistle, but that was truly woeful, the goal aside i couldn't remember 3 consecutive passes going to a tics shirt...all involved seemed to be playing at 40% awaiting the cup game next week trying to avoid injury, playing help at full-back completely nullifies out most creative weapon....abseloute waste of time, effort and money that today,.chalk and cheese from Fulham
  7. Very impressive, looking forward to the end result. Now how much for a life size Peter Clarke drawing?
  8. Personally thought we were piss poor today but got the job done in that 5 minute spell, we didn't seem to get much of the ball for 30 mins or so but found ourselves 2 up. Defence looks solid enough with 2 experienced heads and 2 younger lads, midfield looks a bit pish in my eyes but we didnt play much football all game to be honest, keeper made 2/3 very good stops especially the 1 on 1 with 5 or so minutes to go, this league looks horrendous but still think we have a lot of work to do to be top 7 in my eyes but 7 points from 3 games cant be grumbled at, but still don't think we look a unit as
  9. Id take 4-6 loses over the drab 0-1 defeats of last season.....we are the new posh......shots=goals=entertainment in my eyes....iv never stayed till 90+ so often in a season
  10. Forgot to post in ny lengthy last one, 700 or so Bury for a local derby.....f##k off....pissed of with these "local derby" wank followings.....we'd have took 2k+.....sooner the likes of Rochdale & Bury arnt our "rivals" the better.....embarrasing turn out again we line their pockets with our great followings at these places and this is what they bring, tinpot black pudding shaggers.......sooner these go under tbe better they've had enough lives now no way they can sustain that wage bill and that smack head Beckford can do one the scruffy fu##er
  11. Just got in again and not read previous 3 pages as pissed up (regular occurance i know) ill read them tomorow. From what i have seen since Wellens took over that is the worst we have played, pretty decent first half but in the 2nd half they went a form of 3 up top and we struggled massively with it and buy taking Mensig? (not sure who's who at the moment tbh) off and going a narrow diamond 4-1-2-1-2 i thought we would get murdered out wide, but fair play to the boys we ground out again and cant beat a last minute winner again against local rivals.......one thing that needs addressing in m
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