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  1. Very sad news, like others have said he was very skilful and was unlucky not to have made more appearances. It was a surprise he didn’t stay in league football longer given his ability.
  2. Partly watched the Les Chapman & Ian Wood interviews but got so frustrated by Roys constant interuptions. Could just have asked them to "Tell me of your memories from Oldham" and let them speak...a wasted opportunity of a really good idea. Im sure Les would have had many a great story to tell of his friendship with Grovesie
  3. I had Big Jack, saw an interview with him last year and thought he might find a place in my team
  4. Really enjoyed this, been waiting for this to come on for a couple of years as my mate said it was brilliant
  5. RIP Jim - think he left just before I started going to games but I know he was my Dads favourite ever Latics player along with David Shaw. Whenever we signed a new centre forward it was always "but hes not as good in the air as Fryatt" Wasnt there some grafitti on a wall near Westwood Park about Jim, it was there well into the 1990's I think.
  6. Little Richard gets me off the mark, how that bugger reached 87 I’ll never know.
  7. Good watch, it was like Rick was in a different time zone, thought he'd nodded off a couple of times.
  8. When I look back on those glory days this is the match I always remember as the absolute peak. We may not have won but in terms of the football we played I don’t think we ever played better considering the occasion and everything. Everything about the day was just brilliant from the weather, atmosphere, the game itself and just how proud I was of the team that day.
  9. Met Mr Stott on a couple of occasions and like others have said he was a gentleman. Was chairman when everyone said what a friendly welcoming club it was and we can all look back on those days and be thankful to Mr Stott and his team. RIP Ian
  10. That was also the first match I can remember going to, not sure if it was my first game. Without looking it up it was a Tuesday night game and we won 4-2. The thing I remember, and I'm sure it was that match, was Bill Cranston catching the ball when he got caught in 2 minds from a long punt by the Bournemouth goalie. He just looked at the ref whilst still holding the ball.
  11. I wasn't. I was a proud member of the 1974/75 High Barn Junior School team whose best result of the season was losing 8 -1, it was the only goal I can recall us scoring. Didn't help our goalie being 3 foot 2" and playing in full size nets.
  12. On past form these can confidently plan ahead for the next 12 months. Tommy Docherty (Rent a quote ex Manure manager) Dennis Skinner (Beast of Bolsover) Jack Charlton (Lesser talented brother) Little Richard (50's Rocker with dubious past) Nobby Stiles (c) (Toothless World Cup Winner) Jimmy Greaves (Reformed alcoholic and football legend) Olivia Newton John (Lovely Aussie songstress) Bernard Cribbins (Oldhams own Womble) Virginia Roberts (Prince Andrews mate, allegedly) to meet a mysterious end George Alagiah (Sickly Newsreader)
  13. We did have some fairly handy centre forwards around at the time Derek was here (Shaw, Big Jim, Garwood, Lochead, Jones etc) hence his limited opportunities. Also won the Ford Sporting League around the time, part of which was based based on goals scored so we weren't doing too bad. Without looking it up didn't he represent Northern Ireland whilst still with us.
  14. Getting to the ground 45 minutes before kick off to get your place in The Chaddy and in readiness for the team to warm up. Ritchie always seemed to come out last for the warm up and got the biggest cheer, almost like the main mans here now, all is well. Must have demoralised the opposition before kick off. Then kicking towards the Chaddy and them not being able to get out of their half as Holden and Adams supplied cross after cross. Like Inspiral says I too think they lost something when they went up. Could never take to the likes of Pointon, Redmond and Sharpe. My bes
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