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  1. Struggling to see signs of hope at the moment, but, clutching at straws, then once fans are allowed back in the ground hopefully: Attendances will be so low that even will tire and look for an exit. Those fans who do turn up will make it very clear that they want ALMOBO gone.
  2. Well, maybe not. Wahl clippers are very good, £30-40 and upwards on Amazon
  3. Agree 100% with both the above posts. For the life of me I can't interpret "jam butty" as anything other than an affectionate nickname. Who doesn't like jam butties? Now, if the player himself was to say he didn't like it, whatever his reasons, I'd respect that and I wouldn't approve of it being used. @Roberts View's accusation of racism re this nickname is just silly in my view. Racism is disgusting, but if you use the term inappropriately it can undermine it, the last thing we should want.
  4. Barring a collapse between now and the end of the season, I'd want him to stay. We need all the stability we can get and HK is better than some of our recent managers. I like the guy.
  5. I really hope Barrow stay up after so many years in the wilderness, but I hope we get 3 points tomorrow more.
  6. Hotel Barry-fornia, love it. One of my all time favourite songs. Only trouble now is, I can't shake off a mental image of Barry appearing round a corner in that great video. If you're reading this Barry, you certainly can check out any time you like AND leave.
  7. Not worried about the teams at the bottom. That said, Barrow have lost four on the trot, so.........
  8. I thought Jameson looked good in the FA Cup v Hampton & Richmond. OK, non-league opposition, but he played well and didn't let a fierce shot in his face put him off.
  9. HK needs to hold his hands up here, a second yellow was on the cards for Jombati. Should have been subbed for that risk plus his poor performance.
  10. @Chaddyexile84is bang on the money though - the top tennis players often have to play tournaments on successive days and usually at least every other day. Their fitness levels are superb, plus it's an individual not team sport so there's no hiding place. I'm sick of hearing clubs moaning about 2 games per week, particularly in the PL, where in normal times they are quite happy to go on on pre-season tours around the world.
  11. Different sport, same issue - my sister in law is a tennis fanatic and quite a few years ago got selected for an umpire/line judge training course at the LTA. The guy running the course picked her out and said, ok, you call a ball out and Jeff Tarango (who had a bit of a temper back in the day) tells you in no uncertain terms that you're not fit to do your job. What is your response? Sister-in-law - I'd tell him to go and fuck himself. She wasn't selected.
  12. 3-3 draw against Burnley apparently, April 1998. Shaun Garnett was sent off in the 55th minute, might have had something to do with it?!
  13. I really enjoyed reading this post. Don't agree with every word, but opinions are what this website is all about On Wheater, I think most of us agree that a properly run club would have sorted the situation - maybe not allowed it to develop at all - long ago. But like the North Stand saga, on and on it goes. He is not, by a long way, one of our better players but for a club with our limited resources to have kept his wage on the budget for so long without sorting it out tells you that, in my view, we'll never advance under the clowns who own this club. Dino as a manage
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