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  1. Fascinating that India is yet to make it as a football nation given the size of its population, I suppose the game has traditionally come a long way behind cricket and hockey.
  2. David Dunn has coronavirus according to Sky Sports, so had to miss Barrow's match yesterday.
  3. Yes, also according to BBC stats we had 17 shots yesterday, which sounds a lot more than we usually manage. Only 3 on target, but it's a start!
  4. In defence of Lionheart, I don't think either of them will be turning out for Bolton (or anyone else) anytime soon.
  5. Thanks very much Chaddy. Well, we got the 3 points and you deserve them as much as anybody
  6. I don't care about Leeds or Salford, but I'm pleased that Leeds won, if only to annoy Stanley30.
  7. Makes a change for us to win in the 95th minute!
  8. I agree with every word of that. Visiting Burnden Park was a real occasion, a proper football stadium, the atmosphere was something else. Even school football matches in Bolton were rough, they hated us and it was mutual!
  9. You won't need to repay your pension fund. Gilts, or government IOUs, are repaid by the government at maturity to whoever has invested in them. If your pension fund wants to redeem them earlier, there is a highly liquid secondary market available for your pension fund to sell them in. As it happens a large proportion of government debt has been bought by the Bank of England under QE, so you might argue that it's one arm of the state borrowing from another, a.k.a. printing money.
  10. I have a very old and very fond memory of Bobby Collins playing for us at the end of his career. Great player and a very short fuse. In one game he got very fed up with an opposing player who looked to be almost a foot higher than Bobby. Somewhere around the centre circle and with the ref not far away, Collins leapt like a salmon and chinned the guy, perfect uppercut. It was hilarious. Instant red card nowadays, but I think he might have got away with a lecture.
  11. The photo of HK in that article is crying out for a caption competition. "So he's the Sporting Director?"
  12. You're Tolkien positively, but we need more than words, sadly.
  13. Well spotted. I'd forgotten he played for us. Sad for him that injury seems to have ended his career.
  14. Fair play to Karl Evans for giving an hour of his time for this, and kudos to you Chaddy for taking the initiative. Hope things get better for you.
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