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  1. Lets keep it easy to use purely as an example Club Board meetings have been held for 3 months without the Trust representative being given access the Trust have been refused access to see the financials for 3 months communication with the CEO has dried up players and staff wages have not been paid for two months In your opinion, what should the Trust do ?
  2. So for example if the Club fail to pay the players and staff wages for two months in a row, you think the Trust should have a word with PtB to arrange some form of protest but carry on themselves with business as usual Just not going to work that is it
  3. Not having a go at all just an observation You don't appear to have a 'protest escalation' plan should the Club Owner and Board decide not to keep up their side of the MOU or even worse, don't give access to the financials or go on a run of not paying player and staff wages etc A long standing criticism with many fans is the the Trust doesn't ever seem to bare its teeth Its right to draw a line in the sand and look to improve communications with the club in the hope that we see much needed improvement, but recent history tells us not build our expectations
  4. Likewise I thought it reads well and a really good foundation document Only observations I have are: high risk of spreading yourselves too thin even with the initial 21 workstreams listed many of the 'supporter engagement' initiatives could be undertaken by existing 'supporter groups' Big "if" this but if a collective agreement can be reached regarding allocating the suggested 21 workstreams between the current leading 'supporter voices' such as Trust Oldham, Push the Boundary and one or two of the Podcasts, this could be a significant positive step
  5. youre only right BigDog as bad a quote from me as for Abdallah “a leopard cannot change its stripes”
  6. And its not getting any better 17/18 was bad but so is 20/21 1. Our preseason recruitment 2. Wheater debacle 3. Our January transfer window - no defensive upgrades 4. Unceremonial sacking of Harry after ST announcement 5. North Stand unresolved Administration and/or Relegation is a certainty under Abdallah Read a great quote on twitter by a Latics fan “we’re swirling round the grid”
  7. Dont get me wrong Chaddy Just saying their relationship wouldnt have improved after the resignation and for sure Abdallah will dislike the leading figures of the FLG
  8. Every commercial relationship has to have a sizeable chunk of trust for it to be successful and the cupboard is absolutely bare on trust between these two In one corner we have OEC Simon Brooke, ex Club Director who resigned in Feb19 and leading figure for the FLG (Fans Led Group) who declared they wanted to buy the Ground In the other corner, we have Abdallah Lemsagam, owner of our Club badge and football team, a serial fumbler of building a successful lower league football club Stuck in the middle of this particular tangle is the North Stand, opened in 20
  9. https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/news/18193114.amp/
  10. North Stand / Joe Royle Stand Trust: We asked if the issues were safety related Karl explained there were a number of 'maintenance issues' raised under SAG assessment but we not unsolvable For goodness sake !! A local authority does not prohibit the use of a stand to spectators at a local football club for a few 'maintenance issues' The Oldham Times headline in January 2020 was LATICS NORTH STAND CLOSED OVER SAFETY FEARS No matter how many times I look at that headline I really cant see Latics North Stand closed ov
  11. Call me a Sceptic but taking up the option on Dylan Bahamboula early doors means only one thing, he’ll be sold on soon Cant see us holding on to Conor McAleny either Go Up or Stay Up chances for the 21/22 Season heavily reliant on the Clubs ability to attract at least one very decent Centre Back, a creative midfielder, a ball winning midfielder and a decent goalscorer Looks easy on paper but lets be honest, it’ll be far from easy
  12. Really ! 16/17 L1 17th 17/18 L1 21st RELEGATED 18/19 L2 14th 19/20 L2 19th 20/21 L2 bottom half ? You cant change the Club you support, but you can choose if and how you spend your £money to support them
  13. Call me old fashioned Eyresy but I do think dialogue should be kept open with the Club by the Trust and PTB Saying that, its really us, the Supporter who has the upper hand 'Latics on the Road only' is the way forward for me next season, which could well be our last in the Football League So if you're in, that's two of us and I'll ask some pals Who doesn't love 'Away Days'
  14. This is our only option to watch our team All our Supporter Groups need to champion a 'Latics on the Road only' campaign Nothing else makes any sense
  15. Was very sceptical about listening to this podcast, another ex player trashing us etc However, I thought Craig came over as genuine regarding his 2nd spell with us and under AL The memory I have etched on my brain is how most of our players at Northampton for that last game of the season, which a Win would have kept us up is that most of them, Craig included, couldn't look less arsed if they tried. Will cut them a bit of slack now after listening to that Its blindingly obvious now that we are doomed under AL and anyone on our Club Board with even the slight
  16. A rare post of yours BigDog that I dont agree with We really have no idea what went on behind the scenes but I aint standing up clapping for a player who sat out a full season, nor will I stand up clapping for our Owner either
  17. If he can conjure up a Play Off Final win I’ll be having some of that Would love to know what objectives he’s signed up to for the rest of the season
  18. According to Wiki, he got Northampton promoted via the League Two Play Off Final in June 2020 beating Exeter 4-0, then got sacked by them in February this year after only 1 win in 10 games left them in 23rd A lack of financial support to allow him to buy players for Northampton to compete in League One argument could well have merit but we don't appear to have the financials to allow us to compete in League Two When the Club has offered what is probably the best season ticket deal for decades, have we not just shot ourselves in the foot again by not appointing a m
  19. Can we find out from someone in authority at our Club what we can expect with the recent change of Manager ? 1. Style of Football 2. League position expectations for this season and next season If you expect supporters to part with their money, the very least you should be telling them is what they’re actually paying for
  20. If youre Port Vale and you’ve gone 6 games without a win, which team would you want to be turning up at your place Been so long since we changed a manager I cant remember if we can expect a kick on in form
  21. Some of the names on that list will want paying more than our last 3-4 managers did put together It will be someone currently at the club or a name everyone has to look to Wikipedia to get a clue who it is
  22. No offence intended lads but . . . You are feeding him by buying season tickets and stuff from the club shop etc We have nothing else to fight him with except depriving him of our £money He’s beyond any common sense. It was difficult at first not going to games but when you think it through there really isnt anything else we can do to stand proud for our colours. I just couldnt look at myself in the mirror if I’d kept feeding him and keeping him there one minute more.
  23. You’re right Seems a lifetime ago but I remember Latics signing ManU’s Martin Buchan for a season One of the most comfortable with the ball defenders I’ve ever seen in our colours
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