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  1. He is not shit and actually looks like he could be quite good
  2. He looks a bit less shit from what I saw against the Trannies
  3. He can be nothing but an upgrade on Jameson as he is REALLY shit!
  4. We were mildly better in the 2 d half and they should be given a chance. Brentford were just so much better than us though and coming on at 5 0 not ideal
  5. Just on way back and it was woeful. You can't just blame Curle though. Brentfords pace and power were a different league even their 2nd team. We are a poor squad when all fit, never mind when we can't even field a full bench in the cup at a Prem League side. We also looked knackered from the off and have no options to change anything at the moment. Fans were great throughout apart from a few knobs fighting with stewards. The only way out is Addullah out- end of.
  6. I'm going HT 1-1 FT 4-1 Brentford Bam to score a beauty Att 12,000 (700 tics)
  7. He had absolutely no clue on how to set up a team to defend that's for sure, however if you take out Pete Wilde short stint, he had the joint highest win % at 43% with Wadsworth of any manager since 2000 according to the stats in an earlier post! To be fair thats pretty much play off form, and at least we played some entertaining stuff last year, which is better than this seasons crap and total of 4 league goals scored. I was never his biggest fan but sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for...
  8. To be fair they are probably at an all time low with the fans. With protests, pitch invasions, tennis balls, tickets taken off sale for home fans, being bottom of the league, and a knobhead as an owner with no light at the end of the tunnel I think I'd find it hard to motivate myself. We are lifelong fans so find it difficult to understand why players seem to be not trying hard enough, but to most it's just a job that pays the bills. Imagine if this was happening at your workplace. Would you be busting a gut for your employer? Not an excuse by any means for not putting in a shift...just saying I sort of get it.
  9. Brentford could be a cricket score....even with their 2nd 11
  10. Corney is a c**t AL is a c**t Blitz is a c**t That is it!
  11. Think this could be our lowest attendance for years. Anyone bothering? Btw Salford for all their money had less than 1400 home supporters on Sat for their game v Newport which is piss poor
  12. And he'd rather play their than with us....???
  13. Think this is currently the least of our problems. Carry on as we are and there will be no fans left!
  14. Thx. Look forward to seeing him back soon I hope
  15. Anyone give any feedback on how he looked on Sat before going off? Or the extent of his injury?
  16. Sounds promising at least. Fingers crossed he can do a good job for us.
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