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  1. Can't wait for BPs comments on these generic kits
  2. I honestly didn't mind Moimbe. He saved us in at least 3 games with goal line clearances. Felt he got more stick than deserved for the relegation. We'd have already been down without him
  3. Dinosaur doesn't understand the need for NDAs in business. Shock
  4. Big man need shout and wave arms more. Alright BP How often do you see goals conceded after lumping it to nobody and giving possession constantly away?
  5. Forgot your stellar management career where you won more promotions and matches than Curle
  6. You're wrong if you want a new L2 centre back over Bahamboula.
  7. Some ridiculous comments on here and Facebook about Bahamboula. Some of our fans would seriously prefer a clogger at centre back than watching Bahamboula? Don't deserve good players to watch some folk
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