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  1. What an utterly appalling game that was. Glad we got 3 points but I'm losing the will to live watching this shit
  2. Jesus H Christ. Hamer dropped I agree with, the rest is beyond belief.
  3. Always surprising with some opinions for a former scout is BP. Forgets that we've played 90 minutes of his favourite kind of prehistoric hoofball and calls out the lad who is 5'8 for being anonymous. Figure that one out.
  4. I'd take a striker playing crap every game as long as he keeps the scoring record up.
  5. If both strikers score, the blame for defeat lies elsewhere. Hamer is very poor. Needs to be dropped. Blackwood had some nice touches when he came on.
  6. Great finish by Rowe (fuck off magister) and Barnett looking decent. Hough out of his depth at minute but first proper game so needs get used to difference in pace and physicality. Fage playing ok. Won't get too excited about a game against Wolves kids although they have some players look very good. Great save by Lawlor just now too
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