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  1. Hahaha. Magister going through cats like I don't know what. Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it!
  2. Obviously not talking about offsides was he coño
  3. Matthew Tipton came on once. Touched ball about twice and one of those was a shot onto the Chaddy roof. Straight off
  4. Shame. Was less boring with out you Mag
  5. Come back when you watch the games...
  6. Or been told to be in by an incompetent manager...
  7. Never mention the paucity of supply to Rowe do you Mag?
  8. As annoying as you are, I enjoy reading your posts. It's the equivalent of watching Jeremy Kyle show. No matter what happens, it makes you realise there is always some sad, unfortunate loser that will always be worse off
  9. Only played well with Fane there to do the graft for him. Nothing without OF
  10. Imagine anyone marrying him and listening to that shite. She'd have to be deaf
  11. I get some of his team changes have been enforced by injury but what are they doing in training? I'd fine any player who punts it aimlessly up to Rowe or Dearney every time they did it. Soon as we start doing that we just give possession away constantly. Invites pressure on. Needs to be coaching them on their positioning so they can pass it more effectively. Not bothered of its a direct few passes instead of tippy tippy shite but it should never be chucked up for small strikers to try and beat a 6'4 CB He can go for me because he clearly isn't doing the right things wit
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