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  1. Tell you what, shocking how you've never had a lengthy career in management @BP1960
  2. It's comparing it to same time last year. Not in total. Move on
  3. How long has this taken to produce? No offence but pretty much pointless. Insert Alan Partridge shrugging gif...
  4. We are so weak in midfield. Need a motivator like Dino to wave his arms around. We need a big man upfront to hold it up. What is wrong with just playing 442, this 352 formation will never get us anywhere. That guy needs to put his clipboard down all that information is confusing the players. Am I doing it right?
  5. Nah. We've got 3, not getting anythingback that anyone else isn't. Shit happens. You pays your money you takes your chance. Absolute minority there kicking up a stink. Balls to it. Maybe I should ask for a refund on the basis we were shitter than the top 10 squad our CEO said we had. Can I claim money back because the product isn't as promised?
  6. But better than those with Home Bargains on the front
  7. Why would they? They're already cheaper than most in that league
  8. You got to watch all the games on ifollow, hit you hard this. Do we need a whip round?
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