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  1. This is what it's like to watch a Dino team trying to sit back. Prefer to go all out and actually try and attack
  2. I just thought I'd join in with Magister/BCD/Sheepfoots ridiculous, moronic kind of train of thought
  3. Maybe you're the racist. Only you thought it was, so that's just how your racist mind works?
  4. Jameson or Diarra in for Jombati next game. Has to be! After his suspension
  5. Tasmedir, Balance and Jombati should be off for Diarra, Jameson and Barnes
  6. We have seen him though. I didn't rate him. Maybe because I was always comparing him to PC.
  7. Post about Wheater using those statistics I just can't get on board with. Comparing 3 games to 37 isn't possible and then bending those stats to include games where Wheater played but we conceded when he wasn't on the pitch to make his stats seem better is hilarious. Are those games ones where he was an absolute idiot and got himself sent off? Wheater was shite, nowhere near what everyone hoped and now he isn't playing all those who were saying the same have him down as the saviour. Better than Jombatti? Yes. Not by much. Then BP pops up with Dino being a motivational head coach.
  8. Yellow for Hillsner for bumping into theirs exactly the same as theirs did to him 1 second before
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