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  1. 3 points is all that I care about. Hopefully Zak's knock isnt anything serious and I think the team showed some life last night and didnt give in and just play for a draw. Danny Rowe doing Danny Rowe things. Onto battering those dirty Beavers on Saturday! C'mon you Latics!
  2. I'll be watching the early morning Cup action here in the States. Latics used to battle with footballing giants in the FA Cup. Now its Hampton & Richmond Borough Im worried about. I distinctly remember thinking they were a dirty team from the last cup tie. Damn those dirty dirty Beavers.
  3. I hate to pin my hopes to a tweet but fingers crossed he's right!
  4. 1. I agree completely. No need for a statement from the club. It makes the club look pathetic. 2. AG is a bit of a dickhead. We knew that already. He is saying he is going to expose what was/is really going on behind the scenes at Latics to the local Carlisle paper. I'd like to know his take on AL and the new regime etc. (keeping in mind he's still a dickhead with an axe to grind). Maybe to your point about his termination. 3. Not to be a nit picker but last I checked Islam is not a race. Shouldn't it be a "bigoted" or "anti-islamic" joke? 4. I have told some pretty offen
  5. Man I hope they both stay until the end. Maybe even sign Lang from Wigan. I don't think Villa would want to part with Lyden.
  6. ESPN+ here in the states. 7 day free trial if not signed up already then auto payments of 5$ or 6$ A month. I got it for the 1st FA cup game vs Hampton. They must have just changed to Latics because last I checked they were broadcasting a different game at 9:55am EST. The wife and kids got off easy With Hampton being played on a Monday with work and all. Their luck has officially run out.
  7. Just found out the game is being broadcast here in the States! Two Latics matches in a month? I must be dreaming? Frankie Bunn’s Blue & White Army!!!
  8. We have a pretty poor side in a league full of pretty poor sides. The difference to me is that our pretty poor side seems to be playing for the gaffer as of right now. I would hate to break up the momentum and cohesiveness that seems to be building. Let’s see what Saturday brings and get behind FB and the lads for now. Frankie stays! Now that I’ve said it watch us go belly up.
  9. Any updates on Benteke as well? Sorry for double post.
  10. Has anyone heard anything regarding Gardner's injury? The Chronicle article made it sound pretty bad. Apologies if I missed an earlier update.
  11. I have been worried about Bournemouth selling him. Hopefully with the cautious way FB is getting him back into game shape we can see him start at Maidstone and get back to running at defenders and getting on the score sheet.
  12. 10 man Latics showing a lot of heart against the league leaders. Decent result considering.
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