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  1. I bet they weren’t. When Baha becomes the best player on the planet rather than a one step trick over the ball pony who loses possession let me know.
  2. Keillor-Dunn has a better strike rate, both give the ball away the majority of times they possess it and neither has won a header in their lives. So on balance Keillor-Dunn is better.
  3. I know the chap who stood up to him, believe me the police did dreadful dad a favour by dragging him out.
  4. Judging by the way Whelan came over and waved at the rather lovely blonde girl sat next to me he’ll be in for a good 90 minutes later on too.
  5. McGahey contract sorted and available against Dale according to DMaarms.
  6. Wouldn’t be the first time would it.
  7. I think if “kids” have the ability to read this, they will have searched for and found, much much worse than what gets posted on here.
  8. The latter. Perhaps I should have used allegedly instead of apparently.
  9. I hope you’re right unless there’s a replacement lined up.
  10. Pidge is meeting Mansfield after their game at Harrogate in Leeds apparently.
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