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  1. Pidge were you watching a different game. Shot went straight in.
  2. I prefer HKs football as at least its as entertaining as anything we have seen for a few years. If Robinson was in charge we would have lost 1-0 on Tues with a dour performance.Some years ago I had a conversation with an ex Man City player from the 1950s. He said that one season in old 1st div they scored 125 goals and conceded 106. Finished in top 6 and the fans loved it. They played 2 matches one week, won 7-2 at home then on Tues lost 8-4 away. Never happen now ,but what entertainment.
  3. Ripley saving 2 penalties in injury time against Millwall takes some beating.
  4. John Boy. Billy Johnstone had his ankle broken but then we also sold George Kinnell and Frank Large for big profits to Sunderland and Leicester. With David Best and Ken Knighton coming in we would have gone up with Billy Johnstone also fit.
  5. nzlatic. I think you may have got that wrong. His 1st game was at Colchester. He won a penalty and passed to Macaleney for our equaliser. Thats pretty good end product for a start.
  6. Cheltenam beat us at our own game. They surrendered a lot of ball in midfield (we had 60% possesion) and hit us with long balls into or around our box. We should have scored twice in 1st half, Garrity and Bambi easy chances. The Hilsner free kick looked over the line also. The ref didn't help allowing around 50/60 seconds for all their throw ins. I think 9 in the 1st half. Thats aproximately 6-7 mins of wasted time and disrupting the flow of the game. Surely something must be done.
  7. Daniel Johnson was signed on loan by the snake . Good player. Scored at Rochdale and run the game.
  8. Replacing Eardley then. probably about £50grand
  9. Monty. Lawlor injured in warm up. thats why bench was one short. The ref won't let you include a repacement once the team sheet is in.
  10. Who was the east European team we played in a pre season friendly in our "pinch me season". We won 4-0 and I seem to remember the opposistion played a euro final the previous year.
  11. I saw all 3 games. I have a feeling the game at Cambridge was 11.15 or 11.30. There was another FA cup match that day but was an afternoon KOff. So we were down in football history as the 1st pro game on a sunday. The other games were both 2.00pm.
  12. That doesn't include all the 1st div teams we knocked out in 1989/90 season.
  13. Why can't our Labour backers get it in their heads. The option at the time of the election was Boris or Corbyn. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see why Boris won. The main blame for infection rates are down to the population who have blatantly disregarded rules. Probably only about 5/10% buts thats enough. Any lockdown rules are only as good as the people who disregard them. My daughter is an ICU sister. She has been working 4 12 hour shifts night(4 on) 3 off, followed by 4 days on. Thats front line. Changing full PP 4 times a shift. No breaks since March. She's exhausted and not
  14. Its snowing in herefordshire at 10am. hope it doesn't go a bit further south or the game may be in danger. After listening to HK yesterday he did say Rowe and Macaleney would be fit. Reading between the lines maybe only one of them will be starting and the other on the bench. My guess would be Rowe starting. I think the Bournemouth game will not affect his selection for this one. Therefore. Lawlor, Jombati,Clarke, Pidge,CBJ, Ntambwe, Macalmont,Garrity,Bambi, Rowe,Dearnley.
  15. Flynn says all our goals were bad ones and handed to us. I wonder that as we beat them 5-0 at BP in March is that 9 goals given to us on a plate by their superb defenders.
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