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  1. I actually felt sorry for the young lad then but he was lacking a lot.......
  2. And who would blame him? I want him to stay and be responsible for all further recruitment but we'll just end up with an unknown, new to the league etc.
  3. I know we have had some good results this season but overall this team has got to be worst I've seen and I've been watching Latics since 1979.
  4. Did they just say DKD may be transferred in the summer for a fee? Ongoing?
  5. Let's be honest. Many of these players, and I do mean many, are just not good enough do anything in this division. No consistency means not good enough to me.
  6. Substitutions done nothing other than the players coming on confirming to KC that they're not good enough.
  7. Southend drew today so need to win their last five games and we lose ours to go above us. Think we're safe...........
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