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  1. Does anyone know due to the club not posting the tickets out and wanting people to collect - if I get a ticket tomorrow if not sold out, can I collect it from Bradford instead on the day? Emailed the club on the email on the article but no reply forthcoming.
  2. Latest one coming in - Jacob Blyth - very prolific…. https://twitter.com/samuelgill25/status/1423724799113711619?s=21
  3. Might mean nothing but Jobi McAnuff commented giving a good luck message and said 'good luck up there' - would be surprised if we could afford him but we shall see
  4. Nepo and Segbe-Azankpo are also apparently off
  5. We had Walter Figuiera on trial who used to play for them, signed for Waterford in the end.
  6. Lyden supposedly returning, don't know how true it is though
  7. Not happening, rumour was created by a EFL Rumour Bot that generates transfer rumours from a random number generator - https://twitter.com/EFLRumourBot/status/1146414802077736961
  8. Would not be surprised to see him go to PSM Makassar where his best mate/ ex player Marc Klok plays
  9. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8318784/paul-scholes-salford-oldham-manager-decision/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1548888164 Looks like next week
  10. I’d say in my opinion it will be announced tomorrow and the presser will have to be Thursday if he’s on charge on Saturday, if not it’ll probably be early next week
  11. To be fair O'Rourke is usually correct so I'd say it's believable, will wait until the club or more press announce it though
  12. Don’t know how reliable the rumour is but also saw on Twitter earlier that Yacouba Sylla is potentially signing (ex-Villa), anyone else heard this??
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