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  1. my first ever away game, Elland rd, think we were 2nd and Leeds 3rd and we won 2-1, Milligan with a dipping volley from edge of box into top corner and Williams scored a curler like Whiteside for Utd against Everton in cup final. Keith Edwards brought tears and anger to me in those two play off games, I can still describe both his goals they caused me so much resentment for a 14 year old !
  2. I think a better latics version is: this is is it how feels to be oldham this is it how it feels to be small this is it how feels when your team Never wins anything at all
  3. Sefil did well first half when Blackburn were quite static in attack, when they changed it up in the second half he struggled. to be fair to the lad he was the one player encouraging the team and showing some leadership when we conceded, unfortunately his positional play near the end was abysmal but the whole team looked on their arse they’d put one hell of a shift in which was a good sign. maoche did ok, it’s just frustrating that he can do a bit at a decent stadium or on TV but a wet Saturday against Crewe he’s nowhere to be seen. i hope we can bring same level of performance to valley parade on Saturday
  4. Yeah was New Year’s Day game, away at Sheffield United. Won 5-0, Flynn scored a looping header from edge of area in front of away end and remember someone chipping keeper, blades manager had been sacked by time we got back to car at 5.10pm! One of my favourites was Birmingham away march 88 won 3-1 Ritchie got 2 and I got pissed wet through in open away end at St Andrews which was a shit hole inside and outside stadium
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