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  1. I didn't say they was.. didn't see the incident myself but there were a group of salford fans getting very mouthing in the safety of their own section of ground.. All clubs have an element that will look for trouble, I can't see that changing anytime soon
  2. To be fair there was a section of Salford fans given it the big one over the divide gesturing that they'll fight people outside If those 4 were involved in that then I've no sympathy
  3. I wouldn't of normally gone last night can't stand this competition or our opponents but my daughter was meithering me as soon as I got home so I took her, she had a good time even if I didn't. Second best all night.. that being said Pidge had a good game, the midfield played aswell as it has been doing putting passes together, still no killing instinct in front of goal, the defence seem better and a great debut for young Benny Cuoto
  4. I want you to stop posting on here like your one of us.. your not..
  5. Feel sorry for anyone who travelled to watch it I felt ripped off watching it for free on my dodgy firestick.. Worse performance of the Curle era.. granted Curle wasn't in charge on the night.. slight improvement when we switched to 442 bit only slightly..
  6. Another plagiarised idea but what about OASFbeermats https://bootandballprints.com/collections/beer-mats or even a oasf beer https://block109.co.uk/ or oasf gin https://www.tranmereroverstrust.co.uk/products/trfc-trust-gin
  7. I'm going to get the ball rolling with an idea I posted on twitter a few months back which was a Oldham Athletic Football Shirt Exhibition at the time of posting the person who runs the @oldhamshirts account on twitter said they would be willing to help. I'm also going to float the idea of trust tshirts but with more trendy ideas than just the trust badge there is a few websites selling "football/terrace fashion" we could pinch ideas such as https://art-of-football.com/collections/all and https://www.footballdevotion.com/ etc
  8. Not sure if this thread has been tried before but I was hoping it become an area of the forum where alternative fund raising ideas could be hatched and hopefully put in to fruition. Obviously we know there is only so much time and effort that can be put in from the volunteers who work within the Trust/Foundation so hopefully OWTB members could help each other out in getting a few of these ideas up and running.. Please feel free to contribute with any ideas you think could work
  9. Unfortunately I had to miss this game, going off what I've read on here and on twitter from both sets of fans we were the better side which echos the game with Newport. The Keeper issue needs resolving, we can only assume that he will be the player going out on as alluded to on twitter more miss management from the club I'm afraid. I severely doubt that another striker will be coming in so how to we change the lack of activity in front of goal? For me we need to change the formation abit.... 3 at the back 4 in the middle. Bahamboula behind two forwards causing havoc. That being said we've played Newport Tranmere Bradford 3 sides you would expect to be at the business end of the table come the end of the season and outplayed them all, the optimist in me believes with some fine tuning we could be joining them
  10. Jonathan Grounds sent off for Exeter (second yellow)
  11. Seen you post on the other thread that has been closed about pubs before the game, I normally head to The Bradford Arms, it's abit of dump but the beers cheap and it's in walking distance of the ground normally a good mix of home & away fans
  12. Whilst it's not a given by to the next round (not sure many teams would be tbh) it's not a team that would be considered a cup upset if we won so in that sense..
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