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  1. Found our level, and playing against conference teams and other teams' academy sides. Scunny are shit but are experienced enough to win games like this.
  2. Pleasently suprised with the performance after 30 minutes. Still not fantastic but it doesn't need to be fantastic if we can grind out results like that. Blackwood looked like a weight off his shoulders after he scored, still not completely convinced of what his position should be. The lads Bennett and Clark looked really solid as did Hamer the and Jameson. Bam was a pain in their arse from his intro. Rowe was quality again. All round a better performance but we've got to stop conceding before giving it a go.
  3. Because he's saving money on overloaded bonus or pay-per-play deals. That's the only thing that would make sense to me. The loans must be cheaper to play.
  4. Yes but today we didn't play the strongest squad today, did we? Surely you keep a winning side together. In fact we played a much weaker side in my opinion today. Where did that decision come from?
  5. I'm absolutely convinced that Rowe and Dearnley have something in their contract that triggers a bonus payment if they start a certain number of games. The team selection today was laughable. Dunn and Blackwood starting today said it all. I think someone has said it elsewhere but Kewell doesn't know his best side. I think he knows full well but for whatever reason, Mo has designs on messing about with the team. It has to be financial, we are being financially micro managed by two clowns that can't afford to run a football club. That is the only reason why I can see the te
  6. Hamer isn't mobile enough and his delivery is poor. Clark looks as though he could beat a man and cross.
  7. I can't understand the constant swapping and changing. It's as if no-one who picks the side knows what the best starting 11 is. McCalmont is woeful. I've thought that everytime he's played. Whelan is great in principle but he is played too deep. Barnet, might be controversial but I like him. He shows passion. The booking was stupid but he is edgy and doesn't mind rollocking those around him. Bam not given any time or space. Hamer needs to be central and Clarke wide. Fage wins the award for 'What have you brought me too?' Look of the year after sliding off the pitch
  8. Yeeeesssss!!!!!!! 3 points here we come!!! Thank god for Zak!
  9. No new recruits I see... it's nearly 5 O clock... isn't that the deadline?? Que De La Paz, Maouche and someone Mo found walking the street in a football kit in Dubai...
  10. Two players out of the starting 11 is good enough / cares. The rest are just in a state of resigned shiteness. Rowe must have a clause in his contract that states 20k a week if starts. We took Dernley off and left a make model on... Blackwood underwear model. Not a footballer. Bam again promising. Why are we persisting with the dregs of the team yet quality lies on the bench. We all know why...
  11. Big Bam! Take a bow son. We looked much better with him. Can't quite believe I'm saying this but Fage, take a bow too. Best game he's played for us so far I reckon. Mcleany is a real threat if he has the right service and that showed. Defensively, we look like an under 8s side at times. Worrying how many times Hamer gives up the ghost. A decent second half and a good point.
  12. The most abject pointless performance we've seen for a while, and there have been some whoppers. D.K. Dunn looks like he's won a raffle. He's so weak and clueless. Lawlor must be wondering what the hell he's done to deserve this defence. Pidge is too irratic, CBJ shocking, Hamer caught out of position so many times, Jombati, not a CB. Whealan looks promising. The rest... I just don't know what position they are supposed to be playing. Kewell looks exactly like our last 6 managers, confused, frustrated, lost. The whole system is swimming in toxicity. We all know the common lin
  13. How can a side that looked so promising in pre-season and against Carlisle turn out to be like this? Yes, OK it's only 3 games on but we looked so poor tonight against a side I'm sure will also struggle. We carried no attacking threat until the last few minutes, we played nice passing triangles and square balls but they didn't amount to anything. Why are we pumping long balls to a tiny front man with no other real outlets until Rowe appears? Why is Fage being persisted with? He can't beat a man, find a man, cross or read the game. The team looked so deflated after looki
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