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  1. Spot on Andy. I admire Matt and PTB because they don’t give up, and ultimately they want the club to understand how the fans feel so we can move forward. But having a group/s of disgruntled fans doesn’t lead anywhere without some buy in from ALMO, and there is no tangible evidence that they are genuinely interested in doing so. They’re in it for them, not the community.
  2. I had a bet with BCD mate, but I haven’t seen him for ages. . .
  3. So I’ve listened Matt, and firstly I thought you came across really well. Thoughtful, balanced, and challenged when and where you could. Karl was more open and honest than I thought, (in part to your style) and left plenty of space to read between the lines without getting himself sacked. I would just ask you this, at the end you said ‘I’m excited about the future’ and I genuinely couldn’t get my head around that. Did you mean it in a ‘without hope what is there’ kinda of way. Or do you really believe the tide is turning? And if so- in what way? Because despite your excell
  4. The only player they’ve paid a fee for and they’re selling him at a loss if he goes for 20k.
  5. Agreed. We look far better with him in the side. . . Which probably means he’s off.
  6. Does anybody know he’s being sold, or is it just the rumour mill?
  7. Yeah, good point. Did he feel he could impose himself around the place under ALMO, probably not. An there’s a good chance that translated to the pitch.
  8. It is hard to extrapolate one players performance from team stats, I get that. One would need to do a deep dive on his personal stats to give a better understanding of his performances, but even then we all have a pair eyes that mitigate that depending on what you see. The experience thing is massive for me. I agree we are crying out for it, but do you think he would provide it? Does he organise and cajole, does he drag the defensive with him. A la Clarke? In the games I saw last season I didn’t see a leader, I saw a guy who was coasting. I’ve said this before, but I don’t think his
  9. That’s my understanding, but I think the continued fall out/stand off still stems from that. Despite it being ‘resolved’
  10. How can his on pitch merits not be part of the debate Andy?? Because you then go on to say it’s a real a shame that someone of his experience isn’t involved. Well, I presume you mean his experience as a player? Because he’s not being paid to just have around the place. His experience last season was a real let down, because someone of ilk/experience should and could have contributed more than the second worst defensive record IMO. Part of the debate is about getting him back in the side, and all I’m saying is the stats from last season don’t back that argument up. That d
  11. We had the second worst defensive record in the division last season. Conceding 57. DW Played in 34 of 37 league games. This season we have the worst defensive record in the division. So DW’s inclusion means we’ll go from worst to second worst defence. . all while he is top earner. . don’t know about you Dave, but I want more of a contribution from someone of his ilk than that. The attack last season featured Vera, segbe, and Wilson. We then signed Rowe in Jan, and Dearnley and Mac in the summer. The attack is an upgrade because quite simply it’s completely different (and better) pla
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