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  1. Aye. The old adage of wait for ten games is still true. I’d wager we will be bottom third at that stage- which given our budget and the investment in the squad is probably about right. I think the goals in the side will make sure we don’t go down.
  2. ‘I don’t care what they say in the stands’ Who? The caretaker?
  3. Just seen the table, and remembered only one goes down this season. Imagine how shit you’d have to be to be worse than Southend this season. Oh. wait. I’m there.
  4. The thing that gets me is this. In league one and two you are only as good as strikers. . and somehow we managed to cobble together a cracking front three for our level and budget . . and yet they never start together!? Rowe Dearnley and Mac should start every possible game. If they do- we’ll be ok. I say ok because we’re fucking dire at the back.
  5. At least it’s still 0-0. For the love of god bring Bam and Rowe on.
  6. Barring injuries- why the fuck would you make 5 changes after a morale boosting first win of the season??
  7. Purely my opinion, but I think you’ve got to be looking at least 50 league games in the progressional game to say you made it- or had a good crack. Evina absolutely made it- no question. So, so many players make less than that but claim they had career. Any player in the professional game who goes out more than 50 times, has to have something about them.
  8. The finish is a belter. And yes he has he has a great turn of pace. But when he enters their half, there is still plenty of time to run towards him, but they just run backwards. How can a man run from his own half without a sniff of a challenge. If we conceded that, I’d be livid.
  9. Yeah. Great finish. Helped by the absolute non existent defending.
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