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  1. Wembley - Wembley- and we’ll really shake them up when we win the nothing cup - Wembley.
  2. If you take out the loss to Morecambe we’ve the making of a great cup side.
  3. So. . Reading between the lines. W&W we want the top up from the furlough. ALMO - why won’t you just take the governments money and help the club. W&W - because we signed a contract and we can’t afford to take such a massive drop in wages. ALMO - think of the rest of society. W&W -what’s that got to do with our personal circumstances. ALMO- fuck off until you agree. W&W - ok, shall we wash our own kit? ALMO- You’ll have to, we sacked the kit man this morning. W&W - Right. Can’t we jus
  4. We don’t need the fans. We’ve had two interested parties very recently and Blitz wants his money back- which in short means it’s not in his interest for us to go bust. The evidence for this was when he had ‘contingency’ in case AL couldn’t pay in court. We might been playing in the conference north soon. But we absolutely will not go bust.
  5. I heard he’s up to his eyeballs in debt due to a secret drug habit and he lives in a tent just off the A627.
  6. You seem very angry at people who have done well for themselves, and very angry at ‘dole dossers’. If only we all had your moral compass. . .
  7. I think your instinct about his presser was spot on the other day, when you said he looked under pressure or something of that ilk. I also agree with your assessment above. I think one of two things has happened or both- Mo won’t leave him alone, or he’s been found out by the players. Doesn’t take a group long to realise that a manager is full of shit or has no substance. The football under Dino was garbage, but at least he had something about him- a bit of character- HK just looks lost to me.
  8. What pisses me off more than anything- AL is just standing back and watching it happen. We are skint because of covid and yet he can afford to turn down bids for the club? His ego is obviously more important than the club, and I hope it ruins him financially because that’s what his contempt for the club deserves.
  9. Totally agree. It will get a lot worse before it gets better, but if any new owner can pay Blitz off from the start they’ll have a great opportunity to turn us around.
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