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  1. Although he hasn’t been brilliant. He has shown glimpses of being a player. He is one of very few players that I would be ok with giving another season to see if a decent run in the side brings him on. Lots to learn from DKD in that respect, he looked gash early doors but Kewell stuck with him and his goal return has been great.
  2. I just think it’s the players at his disposal Bosh. Play any system you want but if you’re better players are attackers and poor players defenders you get what we have- lots of goals and inconsistent results.
  3. Either Bam or Mac. Pidge is nowhere near for me. He’s been steady, and always puts a shift in- which in this back four makes you look like baresi. However If we were a normal club I’d replace everyone one of the back four. Non of them are good enough to challenge next year.
  4. I don’t blame anyone for taking the money in any walk of life, we all would all do the same in their position. Plus it denigrates what they’ve done to be a position to be offered that money. If it was easy, we’d all be doing it. What does rev my engine is sky repacking a game of football with cheerleaders/ fireworks and funky graphics to try and make us believe the actual game is more entertaining by making it a product. I can honestly say I enjoyed top level football pre sky as much I do now. The football now is different but not any better than it was 30 years ago IMO. Sk
  5. When AL bought it, one of first things he said was- it’s been my family’s dream to own a football club. Over time and seeing how things have developed that line has really stuck with me. Mo- come on our kid, your money-my brains. We’ll piss it. . .
  6. If we just float the idea for a minute, do people think the super league would attract big/huge audience and or subscriptions? My heart says people would quickly get bored, but that’s because we have a very rich tradition in this country of fair competition etc. However my head says the NFL continues to grow in popularity in this country and it’s a very similar model, we don’t moan about that because it’s not ingrained in our blood. There are young or new football countries that don’t have football ingrained in them and would probably lap it up. Globally I think it would
  7. Haven’t listened yet, but a crisis does focus the mind- whether that will have any material effect is open for debate.
  8. Spot on. It will be very clear who has had most say on the retained list.
  9. Someone will always take Shez. He’s this generation’s Brian Horton.
  10. . . . and? We know all this. We ain’t going bust with uncle Si in the background. Whose gonna pay his rent? How will he recover his outlay on the North stand? We go bust - he loses millions, and one thing he doesn’t do is lose money. So admin would be welcome because ALMO would be gone and new investment will be found.
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