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  1. It will be fine, ‘the significant increase in commercial revenue’ will cover it.
  2. When I checked the score it was just relief we had won a game. I think one of reasons it’s so quiet is all the hope for success has gone. We’re just limping along on life support, praying we can do just enough to survive. Our situation is depressing, and who wants to spend their weekend talking about it? Apart from me of course.
  3. Maxi- no one wants relegation. Why won’t he be here much longer? Who will pay 5/6 million for a badge in lower echelons of league of Two? He’ll be here until either gets his money back, (Never going to happen) or we are relegated/go into admin. Again, I don’t want that, but that is the reality.
  4. It’s not about gain, it’s about what he maybe forced to do because of his stubbornness.
  5. I don’t see how he can be forced to leave/sell (other than he literally can’t afford it anymore, and has to take something, but pride will block that) so yeah I think admin is the most likely way he’ll go. He certainly won’t sell it.
  6. Completely disagree. So- in your opinion- we’ll have to wait until we go up before someone will think 5/6 million for a badge is fair??? There is no scenario he gets all his money back. None. The second best thing is- he gets some money back. But he won’t accept that. So the best chance of him selling/giving up is when it starts to cost him more money. At the minute the golden share and tv money covers a lot of the budget. When that disappears with relegation, he has a choice. Either throw good after bad (which he won’t) or be forced to give it away/put the club in the admin.
  7. In a perfect world- you are spot on. But. I don’t think he’ll ever sell it while we’re a league club, because in his deluded mind he’ll still think his asking price is fair. So- of course I want us to stay up, but IMO staying up means he stays. . Which obviously I don’t want. So the question is- Do fans want league football and ALMO to stay. or Relegation and better chance he’ll sell.
  8. Massive win that. Didn’t think we had 3 goals in us. Fair play. Maybe 22nd is on. . .
  9. I always love the line. ‘He has invested his considerable amount of personal wealth’ it reads like he was forced to instead of what it was- a choice.
  10. It’s a very good point, and something that has always baffled me. It can’t be to make money, it can only be the ego.
  11. There is a big difference between thinking you might do differently and having the self awareness to realise that while you’re doing nothing they’re do something. Seal claps all day for me, not for perfect decision making (unrealistic anyway) but for their effort and time when we really need people like them.
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