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  1. So basically - fuck logic and reason. We always got blind hope.
  2. My boat has sunk, and I’m trying to remain calm in the water without expending to much energy hoping someone will rescue me.
  3. Superb post. And you illustrate very well what I said would happen- which is it will become a battle of ideology, and having initially said I was wary of this I have come to conclusion that it’s going to be a necessary evil. I’m sick of the culture, where by one person has this seat and deludes themselves into thinking they have influence, and then reports back. The trust shouldn’t be about a seat, it isn’t a directorship, it isn’t a conflicted position where one person struggles to balance both sides. We have done it to death, and have got nowhere. The trust should be for everybody, and it’s direction should be led by what the majority want. It’s beyond laughable that the foundation are doing all these things, and yet they still haven’t figured out the most basic principle- to have agreed position that represents what the majority of fans want. AL must be pissing sides.
  4. Makes me sick. How much have we made today? Not sure, there is a lot of pounds coins, maybe about £800 Right, I’ll wire it to Simon on Monday.
  5. The green Carbrini one was awful, Yeah I only found out recently the Bovis one was a copy of Celtic’s.
  6. Nice to see the usual pre season optimism. But let’s have it right, If this team finish top half it’s a great season for the complete lack of quality we’ve got. I expect between 17th - 12th.
  7. Hideous!? Still my favourite kit by some distance. So distinctive.
  8. I still pointing at planes in the sky- is that similar. . ?
  9. Yep. To me it’s there is a world of difference in a strong opinion on something or someone. And sinking to racist language and/or making things up particularly of a personal nature.
  10. They love it don’t they. So pathetic. While it’s highly annoying and antagonistic, it’s not on a par with their treatment of staff and players. NZ is imitating that he/she is worried they will start take it out on fans or treat them similar. I don’t see how they can affect any of us. We don’t work for them, we’re just members of the public.
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