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  1. Do I hope we’ll go up. Of course. Have we got any chance with these owners? None. Realism doesn’t count Barry. We have to have to nonsensical dreams. Based on how shit everybody else is- (but we keep managing to be 17th shittest) Spot on. . . . And once again misses the point entirely. Little old morecambe who at this point are far a better run club than we could hope for. . . . and before you say your club in crisis bit. Bury/Blackpool/Cov all had far better squads, and for the 150th time had managers who despite off field problems were left to get on with managing. IF Curle is left alone for a season or two then despite all the shit I’d expect him to have us top half. But he won’t be, so the comparison with morecambe is moot. With a very average squad, and Mo’s help . . a manager of his track record, should see us mid table.
  2. What??? I thought you expected champions or go home?
  3. Ha, Do it so often- Oh hello. . . looks like something is going here. . . No the ‘transfers rumours’ thread has digressed to a conversation about cheese. FFS. As you were.
  4. Terrific. Yeah, the horrible realisation that this is us done. (Bar the two obligatory loan signings.)
  5. Next season will hopefully see us use him for what it is- a limited but committed no nonsense defender who can come on for the last 15 and help us see a game out, but isn’t good enough to start every week.
  6. If you win friendlies- it’s promising, it look like he’s building a squad, they gelling together quite nicely, I like the system he’s playing. If you lose friendlies- it’s only practice, why would anyone take notice of a friendly result, they’re trial games- for trialists! (My favourite from eyrsey) It’s 47 degress!
  7. Entertaining losing football quickly wares off.
  8. I know where you’re coming, but surely by your thinking Bam will be Better suited to us next season because he will have a better defence behind him? Thus making him a luxury we can afford? For me it’s not mutually exclusive, you want a solid defence and attackers that can turn a game. Last season we didn’t have the former, so his work rate was more highlighted. But he’s not in the side for his work rate. . .
  9. Not allowed to show ANY balance Guy. You should know this by now. .
  10. It’s minuscule if you compare their time at the club like for like. Bit how can you can compare a man with 4 in years in the role with a man who had circa 15 years? AL has had two chances to sell- and got good money. Corney had multiple chances to sell- and more often than not did very poorly with transfers fees.
  11. Forgot about Trottman- but that’s 1-1 with Edmunsdon. Just remembered- didn’t he get money for Spencer- went to Everton? Around- 200/250k? That’s 2-2 with Emerson. Furman- Fair play. I have no explanation for that. So both chairmen on a couple of examples did well with what they had. Only difference is one had 13/14 years the other has had 4 years. On Porter, at the time I felt sorry for Corney a bit. Thought he got the run around- but that’s football sometimes. And if he had speculated to accumulate he wouldn’t of been burnt.
  12. I know the feeling. Fair comment- but you still need to negotiate with what you’ve got. How many did Corney buy/sign and sell on- Genuinely can’t remember? What he had already at the club he got shafted. Bam is good example another way- how many players who were potentially worth a few Bob and playing well in the final year - did Corney get to re-sign to protect his investment?
  13. What was Corney’s in circa 15 years? 5 players of value? He got shafted every time. Based on what? He can’t catch at Rangers, and they bid 3 times for him. Which is twice more than Corney. He’s sold Edmundson and Emerson. You’re second point is correct. But moot when when it comes player sales.
  14. It’s the summer or he goes for nothing. Can’t see him signing another contract under Curle
  15. It’s literally the only thing he’s good at.
  16. Only took Mo 157 signings to find a good un. Having said that - if you compare that to our usual striker record- 1 in 157 is about right to be fair.
  17. That’s a very fair point, and I don’t envy you trying to substantiate what is what through written word. (Barring the obvious or blatant) I’m reading through my filters, and what I find patronising/belittling others may not. Particularly with the written word, which is difficult to put emphasis or connotation to. You asked for examples, and I thought about highlighting it but I didn’t because the said posters would no doubt say how dare you or similar. And I just can’t be arsed. Notwithstanding, I stick to my opinion that it’s there, particularly when a poster posts something against the popular narrative in whatever subject area.
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