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  1. I don’t think it’s pointless in the safeguarding of our future. Where it is a bit pointless is in the belief it gives you real say or clout in the boardroom- it never has or never will. But that doesn’t mean the trust is defunct; it means it has to change its focus onto what it can materially affect- like securing the ground. You long advocated a independent pressure group- now we have one in the PTB. A group who have already shown they are willing to ask difficult questions. So what’s the issue? We desperately need to stop expecting things of the trust that it isn’t desig
  2. Ah ok, well yes of course. They can’t and won’t sit on their hands. I just don’t agree that their remit is to protest, there are other ways to escalate and shine light on the issue.
  3. In that example though, the horse has already bolted so to speak. No amount of protest or pressure by a minority shareholder will change in r affect their position. But to try and answer your question I would go outside of the club. Liaise with the football league, get themselves in a position to talk to any new owner. Basically try to do everything they could outside of the tent.
  4. So in that example, (which would mean admin was looming or on us) you want the trust to March down sheepfoot lane? To achieve what?? You want the limited resources of a few knowledgable volunteers focused on a protest that will have no material affect on safeguarding our future?? Great plan. .
  5. This is where PTB come in- they’re independent- can say what they want and have the pulse of the fans. You can’t ask the trust to build a modicum of confidence with the board/owners but then say to them - as soon as you don’t do what we ask we’re protesting. We’ve been down that road numerous times, and it just leads to more division. Egomaniac owners don’t get told what to do by little 3% shareholders. The trust should be a guardian with a higher purpose than protest. Let the PTB ‘show their teeth’
  6. I still quite like soccerAM, doesn’t take itself to seriously and is just a bit fun.
  7. Yep, if he gets another win or two from the last five it’s a steady start.
  8. Any player should be able to win a tackle or compete. But I can guarantee curle hasn’t said to Whelan - put yourself about. It’s not his game, it would be like having a go at defender for missing a shot on goal from ten yards.
  9. No offence. . but You do know but negates anything you say before it. What do you suggest? Or what are you doing to help the club move forward? Other than to criticise people who at the very least are spending large amounts of their spare time trying to affect positive change. I don’t have the time or inclination to contribute, but I wouldn’t dream of calling other peoples effort ‘pointless’ while offering absolutely nothing myself.
  10. I wonder if the same applies to Mo to get a game for the first team?
  11. Thought the same myself BP, and I to would like the option especially for long away trips. I think it will almost certainly be scrapped though. Clubs want their home fans back, can charge more for a live event and how do you know who is an away fan or home fan? It would have a massive impact on crowds IMO if it carried on post covid.
  12. I wonder how many fans will be nipping to see their GP for antibody test- just so they can watch Latics live. .
  13. Imagine buying a house for 300k and while you’ve paid the bills, you’ve also let it rot. When it comes to selling, because of the state it’s in now it’s worth 200k. When the estate breaks the news that the best offer he’s had is 180k- you inform him you want 330k minimum. 300k for your initial outlay and another 30k for the bills you’ve paid whilst living there. . It’s so delusional.
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