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  1. I was at the game and stood at the front about 10 yards from the goal line. there was no way the linesman should have signalled a goal after the shot hit the bar as he was 10 yards further up the pitch than me and could not possibly see the line.
  2. Folk may be interested in the following exchange over the last week after the shambles last saturday me to EFL "you must be aware of the many problems with Ifollow …….Can you please either ensure a decent service or find another provider/agent." EFL to me if you are experiencing any technical difficulties, you will need to contact NeuLion, our partners who operate the iFollow system on behalf of the EFL. They have a dedicated specialist support team you can reach via the 'live chat' option on your club website, me to EFL "I have used the "live chat" option on sev
  3. is anyone else just listening? the sound is breaking up
  4. full and total respect for all you have given over the years. wish you all the best
  5. sad news but it reminds me again of the song we used to sing to the tune of blaze away we are supporters of the Latics Jack Rowley is our king with ALAN WILLIAMS in the centre and peter phoenix as the wizard of the wing ken branagan is our full back bobby johnstone's at inside right and lister is the crasher for the boys in blue and whiite good old days
  6. my first latics game was against Hull in 3rd division north. I have followed the club through thick and thin (seeing them when possible - I now live in Brighton) but cannot see how this signing can be anything but disastrous. Apart from the public furore - and my wife is incandescent about it, refusing now to buy my annual birthday present of a subscription to Latics Player - he's miles off being match fit so, even if he delivers, it won't be very soon -there is huge potential for dressing room upset (at least some players will be uncomfortable and others are likely to have there wives
  7. sometime towards the very end of the 57/58 (last Div 3 north) season midweek against Hull at home. It was to prove a prophetic Latics experience. Pre floodlights, kickoff was at 5.30 to give time for those ending their factory shift at 5.00. Stood in the Rochdale road end and can't remember the exact timings but the score was 1-1 late in the game when the ref awarded a highly contentious penalty to Hull at our end. All the players and officials were arguing, with the ball on the spot when a frustrated spectator in a mack, wearing a flat cap and carrying his 'snap tin' climbed quietly over the
  8. thanks guy's - very slow. first time I've had that effect -surreal .
  9. how come both sky and the stats page on latics world showed Tounkare's goal before the " live" commentators reported it?
  10. after viewing Penney's masterful post match comments yesterday (about needing to score) I would like to ask him how he explains the fact that Taylor, Smalley and Whittaker (whatever anyone might think of them) scored 23 last season and 4 this.
  11. we only need to score 11 more goals to equal our lowest ever total (but that was over 42 games)
  12. don't get too excited - this season and last our loan strikers (Byfield, Kabba, Omerod, Windass, Blackman) have scored 3 in 43 appearances.
  13. living in Brighton I don't get the live pleasure (not) very often - this was a far worse performance than Orient I blame Joe for starting Hazell at full back - he's a disaster (as at Orient) and went missing for their first two goals before creating their 3rd (which killed us off) I don't blame Joe for giving Wolfenden a run - or for bringing him off - no pace, no height, no control and (worst) no fight. One definately to go. Alessandra's goal (strength, pace, control and desire) was in stark contrast. Lee showed touches of high class but isn't fit (one for the future) Eardley - slop
  14. we are now about 40% through the season which has seen good and bad and prompted a lot of negative comments on players, tactics and Shez. But consider this - 40% is a reasonable proportion on the basis of which to consider overall performance - we have 34 points. an equivalent return over the rest of the season (including more good and bad) would yield 86/87 points. we have been in this division for 12 seasons, in only 3 of those would that total not have resulted in automatic promotion - we have scored 34 goals. again continuing in this vein would give 86/87 with our previous best being
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