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  1. I've heard that Aladdin Sane could be a bit of a Starman
  2. That's Wayne Ankers isn't it? A friend of mine went to school with him.
  3. I can't imagine there are too many clubs at our level who have had two European Cup winning medal goalkeepers on their books. Grobbelaar and McDonnell. (OK, we were a second tier club then, but still...). And McDonnell was an unused sub for Liverpool...but still!
  4. If this thread is turning into a "worst ever" thread, then what about poor John Keeley...pun intended. The guy was great when playing against us for Brighton, but he had a nightmare when he signed for us, in more ways than one. Without digging out my fanzines, in the space of a couple of months didn't his house get burgled, his wife left him, and he ran over his cat on his driveway? On top of that (or because of that) he had a torrid time on the field and was soon destined not to play for us again. I think he cost us £250k as well, big money for us then (and now!).
  5. Yes, it was a night match when I saw him. Leyland DAF Trophy or whatever it was called then perhaps.
  6. John Platt and Peter McDonnell were the two keepers when I first started watching under Jimmy Frizzell. They didn't exactly alternate the number 1 spot, but they did seem to swap over quite regularly. It was similar with Hallworth and Rhodes 10 years later. Does anyone remember Winston Dubose, an American if I remember correctly. I saw him play once (maybe a Cup game) and I never saw him play again.
  7. When the North Stand was being constructed there would be the occasional update from the builders on the website. I remember the slope being mentioned and they had to have higher skirting as the stand approached the Chaddy End. Nowhere near the 6ft. or so it used to be though.
  8. Think they are using radio commentary, so long silences won't work too well!
  9. I remember Latics playing Newcastle and Bolton at home early 80's (one 80, the other 81 I think) with highlights of both matches being shown on Granada. I've searched online to no avail. Would love to see them again.
  10. On BBC Final Score they have just said that we have only lost our first four league games 3 times before in our history. Also just mentioned that Kewell is our 14th manager since Lee Johnson left in 2015.
  11. Club say it is on... https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/september/21092020-efl-trophy-update/?fbclid=IwAR0mHLyuJtxfHdbo_3HXI29kfMyQPtqZG3-Ps1biQQmBnG9EkfdDi5XpzuM
  12. Brian Talbot? 6 caps for England according to Wiki.
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