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  1. Was there really around 300 more there tonight than on Saturday?
  2. In other news, Donny losing 1-0 at Gillingham. Taxi for Wellens?
  3. I only have one odd times of an evening, but it's keeping me all warm and fuzzy.
  4. We'd reached the dizzying heights of 21st on Saturday. We're 22nd now, but at least goals scored are in double figures.
  5. Sorry, I've had a whiskey and I think just took effect.
  6. Probably offering AL the £6M he wants so he can buy the club back. OK, I'm bored. Got to amuse myself somehow.
  7. I think you're being very generous calling Hope a striker.
  8. Bettache on for Dearnley. Lack of fitness or just a strange decision?
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