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  1. Only days left Sign up here and pay a fiver to help two good causes It's worth it just for the banter. Trust me.
  2. Each to their own, of course. I hated it. I'm fairly certain it was a copy of a Celtic kit. I used to buy one most seasons to put some dosh into the club but, at the moment, I'm not overly fussed what it looks like as I won't buy one until the Basket Case Brothers have buggered off.
  3. We had this in red And I'll never get over this one And monkey sick yellow
  4. We've had yellow a couple of times, red and that hideous green monstrosity that looked as if it had been hit by lightning.
  5. As a Grandad who's very proud of his 3 grandsons who play ice hockey and have represented England and GB, I say you must go to support your daughter. Be proud of her and let her know you are. If you bump into either or both of the Basket Case Brothers, politely inform them that you will never set foot in BP again whilst they are there, but you couldn't do it to your daughter. Just let them know what a detestable pair they are.
  6. FIFY. Not that I advocate violence of any sort, but sometimes, just sometimes ...
  7. Any idea who the trialist keepers were? Rogers from Kilmarnock, maybe?
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