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  1. Bugger. Originally predicted a 1-2 defeat then, somewhat stupidly, thought we'd win. So I changed it. Not doing that again. Thanks again to @oafcmetty for doing the tables, especially this quickly.
  2. It was a 19:00 kick off. Everyone needs to be aware that kick off times are subject to change during the Covid-19 pandemic to give the visiting teams a chance to get back home earlier. The Southend game will be similarly affected.
  3. Somewhat reminiscent of Montano's goal at Stevenage, first game of the season, a 4-3 win, a while back.
  4. It didn't work this time, then? How are we doing?
  5. I'm off again. We'll be 2-1 up when I come back.
  6. I suppose that means I won't get paid. Bugger.
  7. Not guilty, m' lud. Didn't hear it; second half had started when I came back.
  8. Sounds like they're playing in the local swimming baths Mikey Brown Mike Leyland does the home games. Just joined in as we scored. I think I'll bugger off again and come back in a few minutes.
  9. It took me Christ knows how long to understand why Salford were playing Leeds as they're away at Port Vale. Then it dawned on me he was on about the egg chasers.
  10. He'd walk into this team <Cue jokes about being unable to run>
  11. Right up BO's street, this one, isn't it?
  12. Well done. Here's hoping that something positive will come out of the club at last. Also good wishes to you and your family.
  13. Only just seen this. Best wishes to you and your family and hope everything turns out well.
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