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  1. I was given this book a couple of weeks ago and I found it really enjoyable. It's about four years old, but still available on Amazon in both paper back and Kindle form. From football in the Conference (now National) League down to Sunday League, it's a very interesting read. Names of well known former professional footballers are sprinkled through the book, covering their drop into the lower reaches, just so they can continue playing long after their League careers are over. There is one very well known former Latics player mentioned as he continues to ply his trade in non-League
  2. At least half of those signed up for next season are National League at best. There'll have to be some bloody good recruitment to counter balance that lot. As for the loanees we've had, were Hilßner and Grant sent back? No great loss but, if so, why wasn't Garrity? As for Tasdemir, didn't Kewell say he'd been after him for some time? The only ones after him should be the Fraud Squad. Walker can bugger off back to Milton Keynes with my best wishes, Lawlor I'd take at a pinch if there's no one better available and we won't see Clarke again. If Curle stays, provided he doe
  3. If Latics were a boxer, you could say they float like a butterfly and sting like one, too. From the third consecutive defeat and the worst home record in 125 years, at least we have the success, failures and dramas of the Prediction League, but let us not forget the sad passing of @laticsrblue, to whom these final tables are dedicated. Forest Green Rovers predictions here - Filter Match 46 Forest Green Rovers points scored here - Filter Match 46 Premier League @Hometownclub was top scorer with 4 points, and that secured the Premier League title , just 2 point
  4. So sorry to hear about this. Gone too soon. He will be missed. Sincere condolences to all your family.
  5. Some bright spark managed 8 points, but the average was 3 or 4. With the Latics' unpredictability, there's another real mix of predictions. Only one promotion is confirmed and not every relegation is a certainty just yet, so the ups and downs mostly go down to Saturday's match against Forest Green Rovers. Everyone's predictions here - Filter Match 45 Everyone's match points here - Filter Match 45 Premier League @lookersstandandy's 4 points was the best in the division, which moves him up another place to 4th. @Hometownclub's lead at the top is cut to a single
  6. Port Adelaide must have had a lousy goalkeeper as well.
  7. I think you mean who would be daft enough to want the job.
  8. Because he hasn't got enough quality players to motivate.
  9. Now joint worst defensive record in all four divisions with Plymuff and Dale. 78, for Christ's sake.
  10. Is our defence sponsored by Benson Beds? They're definitely asleep.
  11. Two local games for me too next season; Swindon and Bristol Rovers with FGR a possibility.
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