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  1. Both, I reckon. Makes you wonder if that has saved HK after recent results. Oh, wait, he's doing a great job according to AL. Still dodgy at the back (which makes the Wheater situation all the more bizarre), but a cracking result nevertheless.
  2. 95th minute equaliser by Forest Green at Barrow keeps us 17th.
  3. Agreed. With the game time he's had, I'll be surprised if he's not match fit. Is it HK not really knowing what to do with his subs?
  4. A minor point, but I wish Mikey would stop calling Ntambwe "Twamby"
  5. Not overly bothered about Blackwood/Barnett swap, but Grant for Bahamboula? Just don't get it.
  6. Blackwood off for Barnett and Bamboozle off for Grant. WTF
  7. Back to the heady heights of our customary 17th.
  8. Until they tell him, "you can't have player x or y because they've upset me". That's interfering.
  9. What an exercise in futility that interview is. So many answers laid within the questions, all AL had to do was pretty much agree and then repeatedly make the same assertions. If he thinks the draining of fans in the last three years is a small minority, he's seriously deluded. And if he thinks Mo and Kewell are doing a good job, he's even more deluded. We've sunk lower each season since he rocked up, but he thinks we're going in the right direction. AL sees younger players as the way forward. Oh aye, the likes of Keillor-Dunn, Garrity, Whelan, Jameson et al are really
  10. AL wanted Clarke to stop playing and become manager/head coach. Clarke just wanted to carry on playing. If you don't do what AL wants, you know the rest. It's bye bye.
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