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  1. Posting after the cut-off time cost two players points, @alien (posted at 14:53) and @heatonmoorlatic ( 14:58). Premier League Three points was the best score of the day shared by four players; @astottie (up to 3rd), @JohnnyPimp (up 1 and out of the relegation zone), @milnrow latics (unfortunately still stuck at the bottom) and @nzlatic (up 1 place to 8th). Premier League Table Championship @al_bro (up 2 places to 3rd on equal points with @pjkent in 2nd) and @Bristolatic (up 4 places to 13th) were the top scorers with 6 points apiece. The top two failed t
  2. Aye, but they have to come to Fortress Boundary Park on Toosday. OK, fortress might be a slight exaggeration.
  3. I missed a word out. Should have been 'I wouldn't have HAD money on this
  4. Forgotten Warren Feeney? Sorry, thought you meant slow witted.
  5. Which basically means that HK should have learned from the Jombati debacle. But is he allowed to put Pidge on?
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