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  1. Don't know mate. Lincoln's not on the main line. You might need to somehow get to Newark, which is on the mainline
  2. I'd be surprised if the police don't ask for a Monday game as they'll be pretty busy with the Christmas market Fri-Sun
  3. I hope this isn't turning into a "My Christmas market is bigger than your Christmas market" pissing competition!
  4. It has 280 stalls according to the website, and covers most of the centre of the town both uphill and downhill. I'm sure that its promoted as being the biggest in the UK, but I'm often wrong (so my wife tells me!). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Christmas_Market
  5. What a great draw, first time we've played in Lincoln since 1998 (if my memory serves me right). The Lincoln massive will be there in force! There are a few pubs within walking distance of the ground, mainly on the south end of the High Street (Golden Eagle, Shakespeare, George & Dragon, Millers Arms, Golden Cross (pretty rough). Some of those mentioned by Diego like the Strugglers are good pubs but a long walk from the ground. The Ritz (Wetherspoons) is about 10-15 mins walk from the ground, but after a pretty feisty altercation between Lincoln and Grimsby fans (yes Lincolnshire has a
  6. Me and my wife are Tony and Sharon! And although living in Lincoln we know where Oldham is! (And I'll be there tonight!)
  7. Maybe not 100% aligned to this thread, but I've been paying into the player share scheme for some time now. Does that not entitle me and the rest who do so some form of explanation as to where our money goes? An answer would be appreciated, or I'll maybe have to consider my continued contribution.
  8. How far are you planning to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway? I was in San Diego a couple of months back, and its well worth a visit (if you're going that far south). You can also pop over the border to Tijuana, which if you've not done Mexico before is worth a visit. But beware, the border crossing back can be a nightmare
  9. Hang on a minute, we've got people expressing optimism on here. That just won't do on this forum!!
  10. Eintracht means concord, as in agreement or harmony. So I suppose that's pretty close to united. I lived in Germany a few years back and had a season ticket for Kaiserslautern, who were in the Bundesliga then. Have to agree, the match day experience is far better than you get over here.
  11. Second that Pete. Very difficult for us to make evening games, whatever day of the week. Saturday's suit best, as it allows a once or twice a season stop over in Oldham without affecting work.
  12. Crewe have yet to score an away goal...we're doomed!
  13. I was born in Malta and only moved to Oldham in my teens. Based on the place of birth theory should I be supporting Sliema Wanderers?
  14. I'm just to your good lady's right. It was too cold to sing! Are you sure you're not yawning?
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