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  1. I’ve been saying elsewhere that only a top half finish should save his job. Started saying this after the Salford game. We were 6pts off it and with players in that he wanted & how shit the league is, that (for me) was/is his minimum target. If he managed that then it would show some sign of ability and progression. I don’t expect him to achieve it though. I think he’s pretty clueless at times. And as of today, we sit the same 6pts off. Over to you Dino
  2. Not really. They all want to do well. Just that they’ll not think about the “what if” and if they do they’ll know they’ll be duly rewarded for miserable failure anyway. Win win. It’s why we get 75 applications (Quoting Corney on that number) when the job comes up. Although only a handful of those are probably worth a call back.
  3. Never understand this comment. Simple answer is yes...coz they’ll get a pay off when they get the sack. They won’t be too bothered about it not working out in 3 or 4 months...just part of the business of football.
  4. Nowt to do with his time of life...He couldn’t hack the shenanigans of this place when JWLees owned us
  5. Bollocks that. These divisions have been here for years! Started when the last regime split fans with their FAILSworth plans. Lee Hughes and Chedgate followed amongst many other pissboils (Chaddy End etc) Fuck me...blaming current owners for splitting fans now. Corker that one
  6. To which, the two-bit Moroccan football agent based in Dubai, with no assets to go at, siphoned off revenue streams, frozen bank accounts to work with, court dates approaching and probably our existence soon to be non-existent came with a plan (foolish or not...hindsight tells it was foolish) to fund the club while bringing over players connected to his stable of contacts with the hope to polish them into sale-able assets. This was plan A. The only real plan he had. Even he, it seems, has now realised this plan was flawed and is rolling back on it. We wouldn't be getting the likes of Wheater a
  7. Would like to comment on this game tomorrow...but sadly, like all other posts on North Korea OWTB, any comment will lead to poisonous dwarfs and others railroading the discussion into more owner bashing. Heres to 3 points hopefully
  8. Or just leave others who don’t align with you to comment on the matchday/games and players
  9. Let’s roll back to STR/SAFE days when we knew one another personally...I don’t recall you being so militant and pushy about not discussing games or players like Steve Whitehall, Paul Rickers and co. just so we could have a good old David Brierley/Alan Hardy/JW Lees bashing. Strange that. It is possible to watch players on a pitch and see their strengths, weaknesses, how they’d be better employed and get the best out of what you’ve got. And the managers capability to do so. And come on here and discuss that. Of course, that doesn’t sit well with this neurotic constant
  10. Is this what you’ve become now Dave? Another one that wants to shut down on-the-pitch discussions and divert it back to this thirst to attack those running the club? Another one who isn’t happy unless you’ve diverted every topic on OWTB back to your favourite discussion??? This was a topic about the game but good effort If you want to discuss the playing side great...if not, just move on from topics that do or even better, do us both a favour and stick me on “ignore”
  11. Totally agree with this. Only thing I'd add is I feel he's shown slightly better fare at CB than RB this season. But he wouldn't get in above Wheater and Stott so he'd be benched and Mills given a run at RB, in my eyes.
  12. Completely agree with this. Was ridiculous the amount of times on Saturday that he had to drop deep into midfield to get hold of the ball and then being asked to pass the ball like a midfielder to hiding/out of position players around him. Thus leading to him passing it away. Even the most prolific striker would be struggling to score with these tactics of lump it to the little guy and then watch him swim into midfield and try and effect the game. For me, the jury is completely out on both Desire and Wilson with the lack of support they get. And playing 1 upfront for 86 minutes was a joke too.
  13. I’ll tell ya what...trying to find those figures I did for the Mansfield and Donny game took me ages. Looked at loads of reports, none of which gave them. It’s another not new, non-story to bash the club with.
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