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  1. Just watched Banide after match interview and it was so awkward! It’s three league games in and he looks a broken man with no idea how to make things better. He kept looking around as he spoke, he looked jittery, kept talking about reaction. The problem is, even if he were to be sacked or walk, I don’t think it will make much difference as ultimately as long as AL and ML are in charge, interfering with football matters, being responsible for this mad recruitment of players the fundamental problems and Crux of the matter will remain the same. To keep having Sefil and Ve
  2. Not the coaches fault as such as he’s been offered the job but I struggle at times to understand what he’s talking about in his interviews so what must it be like for the players? The likes of Vera and Sefil should not be anywhere near a professional football team Nepo has to be one of if not the best player in the squad yet he’s on the bench and Branger plays?????? Mouche captain.....come on please! How on earth we let Pete Wild and his assistant go I will never ever know, passion, enthusiasm, desire, and organisation, all qualities we are missi
  3. The squad that someone listed on here we currently have lacks quality and experience. On top of that only 6 players are contracted beyond the end of this coming season so I’d imagine with relegation a fair possibility it will be a case of starting all over again with almost a blank slate in the National League, maybe he is cost cutting by getting relegated and reducing the wage bill even further at a lower level?
  4. Does anyone know the rules on “Homegrown Quota” that you need in each matchday squad as with each foreign signing I’m wondering if we will be able to field the correct amount?
  5. If that’s true I guess he was desperate to get out which tells a story in itself This time of the year should be excitement and hope about the new season, instead, it’s fear and dread
  6. Peter Clarke despite maybe coming to the tail end of his career is a big loss not having been offered a deal. He played a big part in Edmundsons development and is still better than the centre back options currently available at the club. I find it staggering he wasn’t given a one year deal. The thought of Sefil being a regular sends a shudder through my spine and Stott and Iacovitti still have so much to learn. Clarke might have helped their development had he been offered a deal.
  7. I think the signings of the likes of Woods, Mills and Wilson are fine, British players who know the leagues but the latest foreign recruits Im sorry, do absolutely nothing for me other than make me worry about the season ahead. Throw in Vera, Sefil etc I am seriously worried. There is absolutely no chance of us getting promoted with this squad, no chance at all, the only thing to hope for is staying up, plain and simple
  8. Is there anymore news on what’s happened to Mick Priest and Chris Millington or have I missed an announcement on them?
  9. It’s not his fault that his English isn’t great so I’m not critical of him as such but I found that really hard listening which makes me worry how the players will find it. I also feel that in any league two side you need a bigger percentage of British players who know the leagues here but I worry that despite Mills and Woods signing there will be a bigger number of foreign players, I hope I’m wrong. i had to laugh at ML whispering about team spirit in his ear
  10. Apart from Woods and Mills, have I missed news of any other signings?
  11. So with just over two weeks until pre season and no manager and backroom staff appointed does anyone know who might take the training for the existing players as with Wild gone as well who steps up now?
  12. When foreign managers come into the premiership, or even some degree the championship, at those levels it’s easier for those managers to know more about the leagues as they are so high profile and can be watched anywhere in the world these days. There is also a fair chance that foreign signings of the highest calibre will likely work out in terms of recruitment at that level. Im not so sure the same thought process can be applied at League Two level. I think it would be very tough for a foreign manager to come in at this level. He would need a good deal of time to get to know and a
  13. Most players contracts expire at the end of June, so if they are joining us at the end of their contract we can still effectively sign them now with the contract commencing 1st July so no we wouldn’t have to pay them while on holiday as such. The point I have made is that it worries me that we have no manager in place, no pre season preparations and no new signings appearing to me being made just under 3 weeks before the start of pre season, which I feel is important. If that doesn’t worry you fine, we simply have different opinions and you are more laid back than me as it does wor
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