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Found 15 results

  1. Manager stats since 2000, sorted by chronological appointment.
  2. Average points needed to achieve these key positions in Division 4 since 1987; champion, last automatic promotion place, last play-off place, and bottom two places. Seasons between 91 and 95 had less teams due to league restructure and clubs folding. Latics would end the season on 53.89 pts if the seasons overall PPG is taken into account. Alternatively, if form PPG is used Latics would finish on 47.6 pts. On average, both of these scenarios are enough to beat relegation. The last time 48 pts was not enough to secure league safety was in the 2013/14 season when Bristol Rovers were relegated on 50pts by goal difference. 48 pts has been a relegation total 8 times in the last 32 seasons.
  3. Keith Curle total manager stats: Latics' combined manager stats for 2000's managers only, Keith Curle enters the list.
  4. In our 125 year history, we've competed in 103 seasons of the Football League or the FA Premier League. If we ranked every season by the division we were in, considering Division 3 North & Division 4 to be equal, and then by Points per game, where do you think the last 3 seasons would rank out of 103? Answer 92nd, 96th (to date) & 100th. If nothing else, this shows how poor the Lemsagam's leadership of our club is. ...this compares to the best 20 seasons our club has had;
  5. Started messing about with numbers, manager stats in the 2000's sorted by win percentage. The 3PPW average column, is a point value on all games given that 3 points are for a win and 1 for a draw - regardless of competition or era. I'll do a full list another day.
  6. http://www.ngthomas.co.uk/ltrack.html ....also this site hosts over 3300 Ltrack league files from over the years from 1888 onwards, and it includes UK steps 1-7 too. http://www.ltrackfiles.co.uk/eng1234.php Should keep you off the streets for a while, It's interesting and free if nothing else.
  7. Click on the STATS tag to see all the stats I've posted in the series. PPG Average: Win %
  8. Previous one can be found here: http://www.owtb.co.uk/index.php/topic/43982-league-one-cann-table-november-04th-2013/ ...or search the STATS tag in search for all the stats on site.
  9. First by points per game average: ...and sorted by win percentage
  10. Not done one since April, so brought this up to date: Up to 18th Sept 2012.
  11. I found these stats in response to a couple of earlier posts. How many of these matches were you at? Ten Lowest Home Attendance All Competition 752 v Barrow Division 3(N) Cup 24 March 1936 875 v Barrow Division 3(N) Cup 20 October 1936 967 v Rochdale Division 3(N) Cup 01 October 1935 1,066 v Southport Division 3(N) Cup 15 March 1938 1,841 v West Bromwich Albion Simod Cup 10 November 1987 2,073 v Northampton Town Division 3 29 April 1969 2,086 v Walsall Division 3 20 December 1968 2,089 v Bristol Rovers Division 3 11 May 1968 2,264 v Walsall Division 4 12 April 1960 2,297 v Reading Division 3 18 February 1969 Ten Lowest Home Attendances (Major Competition) 2,073 v Northampton Town Division 3 29 April 1969 2,086 v Walsall Division 3 20 December 1968 2,089 v Bristol Rovers Division 3 11 May 1968 2,264 v Walsall Division 4 12 April 1960 2,297 v Reading Division 3 18 February 1969 2,391 v Lincoln City Division 4 10 February 1970 2,500 v Hull City Division 3(N) 23 February 1957 2,510 v Fulham Division 2 03 May 1986 2,549 v Gateshead Division 3(N) 07 January 1956 2,570 v Hull City Division 2 28 April 1934 Five Lowest Home FA Cup Attendances 3,604 v Orient FA Cup 3 06 January 1986 4,000 v Darwen FA Cup Intermediate 07 December 1907 4,163 v Brentford FA Cup 3 05 January 1985 4,567 v Shildon Town FA Cup 1 replay 17 November 1959 5,253 v Mansfield Town FA Cup 1 15 November 1997 Five Lowest Home League Cup Attendances 2,975 v Grimsby Town Coca Cola Cup 1 Leg 1 20 August 1996 3,094 v Tranmere Rovers Coca Cola Cup 2 Leg 1 17 September 1996 3,302 v Gillingham Milk Cup 2 Leg 2 26 October 1982 3,540 v Stockport County Milk Cup 2 Leg 2 25 October 1983 3,630 v Hartlepools United League Cup 1 11 October 1960 As I was dragged along to BP every week by my parents from a very young age, it's possible that I was at a lot of the matches from 1966 onwards. I've highlighted the ones I know that I was definitely at. The Fulham match from May 1986 is an interesting one. Considering who the manager was and what happened the following season!!
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