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Found 1 result

  1. Thanks to dannyboy55555, this is his idea but I don't know how to pin it higher up. To make a donation if something happens this season wether on the pitch, about the club, current events, or maybe something personal to you. It's a brilliant idea of raising additional money, if all pledges are honoured with no initial set up costs at all. Might be interesting to see the pledges promised after a few drinksies after a latics disaster or elation when we a promoted...well I can dream Obviously, we are going to hold anyone to ransom especially, if pledging in a drunken stupor and is very much so the onus on the pledger to pay, yes it's a serious idea in concept re fundraising and I'm sure we will have some fun ones too. I will speak to the committee member who looks after the account to see just for curiosity, what amount this fabby idea has raised over the season. So here is the donation page chaps: playershare@laticsplayershare.co.uk Please put your owtb username in the message option and state pledge So here goes, I will donate £5 to player share if I get the internal job after upsetting one of the interview panel the day after. I should know if I've ballsed it up in a months time. 20.08. Sorry chaps didn't get the internal job...boo hoo
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