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Found 4 results

  1. Please make sure that you enter your username EXACTLY as it appears on OWTB. Three players (I won't name them in case it embarrasses them) spelt their usernames incorrectly; one incorrect letter or a letter missing is all it takes for it to go wrong. Had this not been spotted, their predictions would not have transferred into the system resulting in it appearing that they had not predicted. We do have the odd glance down the predictions, and, if seen in time, will try to let you know, but we can't guarantee to spot every mistake. Incorrect use of capitals, lower case, underscores, hyphens etc
  2. No change in the top four or bottom five in the Premier League as @astottie top scores with 6 points that moves him 2 places up the table. Elsewhere, there were slim pickings as no one scored any attendance or first scorer (no surprise with Iacovitti bunging one in) and not that many thought we'd win. Any of the bottom six or so could go down. In the Championship, @aidan_latics threw away a guaranteed six points by predicting "Col U 0-2 Latics (HT 1-0)", so the post is void. Here's the rule: Nor can players predict a half-time score which does not align with the full time sco
  3. Where The Subscription League Points Went: Correct result W,L,D – Bristolatic, DavidCollinge, disjointed, Ex_pat, GravityGrave, jorvik_latic, laticdickovarmy, Latics_Fanatic, nzlatic, rosa, rudemedic, underdog, warwickshire latics Correct Half Time Score – DavidCollinge, disjointed, Ex_pat, Handsy, jorvik_latic, Laticsbiffo, lookersstandandy, NewBlue, rosa, rudemedic, Stevie_J Correct Full Time Score – rudemedic Correct No of Latics Goals – rudemedic, Zorrro Correct No of Opposition Goals – Handsy, Laticsbiffo, LaticsChris, LaticsPete, lookersstandandy, NewBlue, rudemedic First Latics Sc
  4. Where The Subscription League Points Went: Correct result W,L,D – 8city2, Bristolatic, Craig D, DavidCollinge, disjointed, JoeP, JoshOWTB, LaticsChris, LaticsPete, underdog Correct Half Time Score – 24hoursfromtulsehill, Bristolatic, Carl Waters, Craig D, underdog Correct Full Time Score – DavidCollinge Correct No of Latics Goals – Carl Waters, DavidCollinge, Ex_pat, GravityGrave, laticdickovarmy, Rocky_Latic, rosa, Stevie_J, Zorrro Correct No of Opposition Goals – Craig D, DavidCollinge, disjointed, JoeP, LaticsPete, underdog First Latics Scorer – Can’t believe no one went for Connor Br
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