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Found 1 result

  1. For the last several weeks, @oafcmetty has spent God knows how many hours devising a new, and better, system. He and I have done a number of dummy runs now, changing bits here, improving bits there. There's a complete 'User Guide' below, so please read through it, follow the links and it will all come together. But, before you do that, please join me in thanking @oafcmetty for giving up so much of his spare time to create this for all of us . I think Mrs Metty has forgotten what he looks like! Here it is: ==================================================================================================================== The new prediction site is now live! You can access it here: https://owtbpredictionleague.azurewebsites.net/*IMPORTANT* - whilst we've tested the site over the past few weeks, there always exists the possibility that some bugs may remain. As such, we're planning to "parallel run" for the upcoming Salford and Scunthorpe games - by this we mean we'd like all users to enter predictions in both systems where possible. This will enable us to make sure any issues are ironed out before we fully switch to the new system, and gives us a fallback in case anything goes wrong with the new site! Please enter the same prediction in both systems - if you enter different ones (please don't!), the entry in the *old* system will be the one that counts. Usual time cut-off limits (10 minutes before kick-off) will continue to apply. If you've already predicted for those two games and can't remember your prediction, PM me (I'll probably see that quicker than a post in the thread as I get reminders) and I'll let you know what your prediction is. If we have the same predictions in both systems, we can do an extra cross check to make doubly sure it's all working as it should.--Signing Up--1. Open the page: https://owtbpredictionleague.azurewebsites.net/2. Click 'Register' in the top right3. Enter your email address and choose a password (you'll need to confirm your registration, so please use a valid email address)4. You'll soon receive a confirmation email - this may go to your spam/junk folder, please check these before contacting us!5. Click the link in the email to confirm your registration6. Click login, and enter your credentials - you'll now be logged in to the site7. Click the 'Hello...' message in the top right - this will take you to the account section8. Select your OWTB username from the dropdown and click Save - this will associate your OWTB account to your prediction account (see section 5 below).There are a number of areas on the new site, which you will see by the opening this link to the image https://i.ibb.co/HgCbMjf/image.png - these will be expanded on further below:1. Prediction Entry pageThis is where you enter your predictions. Enter your username in the relevant field (this will be pre-populated if you've linked your account here to your OWTB username - see section 5 below). This can be overtyped if needed, e.g. BP1960/Lawman. Then select the match you want to predict for. The site will only let you predict for each match once, so if you get an error, you've probably already predicted and you'll need to edit rather than predicting again! As the badges show, it's *always* Oldham on the left, opposition on the right, regardless of whether we're at home or away. First scorer dropdown is only enabled if you pick us to score a goal. Attendance can be left at 0 - no points scored if no fans allowed in! Click submit, and you should see your prediction at the top of the list!https://i.ibb.co/zf9435Z/image.png2. Prediction ListHere you can see all the entries to date. Pretty self explanatory! Last edit date is used to determine if entries are too late or not - @Bristolatic's decision is final (I've been told)! Once you've made a prediction you'll see a link to edit it if you need to - this is effectively the same view as the prediction entry page. This will obviously update the last edit date, so be wary of not editing past the deadline. Void indicates predictions @Bristolatic has flagged as not to be scored - this will be used for those submitted past the cut-off. You can use the filters at the top of the page to only view entries made by a specific user, or for a specific match (or both together for a user/match prediction). Once the scores have been processed for a match, the entries will be locked and no longer available to edit, to preserve an audit trail. You'll see the (real) preds for the last 4 matches have been entered - this was for testing purposes, feel free to ignore them!https://i.ibb.co/LgQsTtj/image.png3. Weekly Score ListThis is where the scores for each week are captured. Again, pretty self explanatory. Nothing to do on this page, just look at the scores! There are filters so you can pull back scores per user, per week, per division (1=prem...4=L2), or any combo you like. The correct scores (hopefully!) for the Mansfield, Walsall, Newport and Cheltenham games are in there. There's also a row for each user for match 21 - this is the cumulative score for each user prior to the Mansfield game, to enable us to generate the right tables.https://i.ibb.co/gjLZsg3/image.png4. League TablesDoes what it says on the tin - one page per table. League tables can be viewed without needing to login.https://i.ibb.co/17Y1qM2/image.png5. User Admin AreaBy clicking the 'Hello...' message up the top, you enter the user admin area. The 'Profile' section lets you allocate your account to your OWTB username. PLEASE DO THIS! It makes your, and our, lives easier. Eliminates typos, etc etc. Until you do, your email will be your username. The 'Email' section lets you update your email address. 'Password' lets you change your password.https://i.ibb.co/Vj5kDgz/image.png6. Email RemindersThe site is configured to give the mods the ability to send out reminder emails to those who haven't predicted for an upcoming match. Users who have already predicted for the match *will not* receive this reminder, so it's only for the forgetful! However, we appreciate not everyone will want to receive reminder mails, so you can opt out here. Click the 'add additional opt out' link and tick the checkbox in the subsequent screen and save - this will opt you out of reminder mails. You can opt back in at any time by editing the entry in the list.https://i.ibb.co/F4sXtYj/image.pngAnd that's it! Happy predicting. Any issues, ping @oafcmetty or @Bristolatic on here. Mods, can you please pin this so that it's always there for players to refer to? Thanks.
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