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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry, folks, but one player @Londonboy was missed off the list and his place in the Championship means that @alien drops back into League 1, which he now leads. @Stevie_Jsends his apologies, so I've given him a yellow card and a potential 10 point deduction, effective next season if he does it again! Ignore the +/- placings on the right hand side. It's purely because I had to delete the whole set of tables and replace them, so it worked off the original. It's OK now and it all now looks like this: All predictions here All player's match scores here Premier League Table Championship Table League 1 Table
  2. A bit later than usual, but here's the first tables of the season. We have 52 players this season, so only three divisions. Well done to those promoted without kicking a ball and welcome to new players. If you like to check everyone's results to give them a bit of banter, go ahead. The gate of 4,094 fooled everyone, so no attendance points for this one. For the Newport game, you will see that it looks as though @adamoafc has only posted his pred tonight. That's because I edited his username, replacing the capital A with lower case to match up. All usernames are now in the drop down menu exactly as they appear on OWTB.. Everyone's predictions here Everyone's scores here In the Premier League, @oafcmetty top scored with 8 points (I'm keeping an eye on him!), hotly pursued by @disjointed and @24hoursfromtulsehill. Three players failed to get off the mark. Premier League Table @Stevie_J hit 8 points in Championship (definitely summat funny going on and I'm not in on it!) as did @tGWB. Former trailblazer @alisonh1981 was the only one not to score. Championship Table 5 points was the best score in League 1, picked up by @Mdireland88, newcomers @PeteWeb and @adamoafc starting off in the top six. @futchers briefs failed to score. League 1 Table
  3. Premier League @stevesidg's top score of 6 points takes him into pole position, replacing @GlossopLatic. The only other players to change positions were @nzlatic and @rudemedic, who swapped over as did @disjointed and @aidan_latics. Championship There were no predictions from @Harry Bosch and @Stevie_J, which cost the latter his place in the play-offs. Just 3 points was the top score, by @Bristolatic and @oafcmad09. The top two stay the same as @Handsy nips into the last play-off place. League 1 @rvlatic failed to post again, which leaves him firmly rooted to the bottom of the table. @CoreyECFC top scored with 6 points, taking him up 2 places and @tGWB's single point takes him into the second automatic promotion slot as @alisonh1981 holds on to 1st place. No one from 7th down changed positions. League 2 There were no predictions from @Jimbooth and @RobinsDuckEgg, the former dropping a place, but the latter retaining top spot as @deyres42 closes the gap to a single point. The top scorer was @hinchy with 6 points and he moves up a place to 3rd and there's no change to the bottom four.
  4. Six points was the most anyone could score in the Premier League, by a259 (who moves up 3 places into 2nd) and Hometownclub. oafcmetty stays top, but singe remains bottom of the pile. a259 moves up 3 places to 2nd. In the Championship, 4 points was the best score, shared by Benja, Bristolatic, JohnnyPimp, LaticsPete and Stevie_J. Without all the attendance points scored, we could have had the lowest scoring week ever. It’s as you were at the top and bottom. There was no post from oafcprozac in League 1, where 6 points was the top score, achieved by L1onheartNew (who was only 10 off the attendance), Macca and Nohairdontcare. The top six and bottom two stay the same. mcfluff1985 was highest climber, up three. Premier League Championship League 1
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