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Found 4 results

  1. The disastrous performance and result at Stevenage has produced the following update to the tables. If you appear highlighted in red on the prediction sheets, it means that you have posted more than once and your last prediction has been used. As you will see, there have been some predictions which could not be right, but points are scored for the bits you do get right. Premier League @Ex_pat was top scorer with 4 points and retains 1st place, but @SAV, @singe and @oafcmetty all climbed 3 places to hang on his coat tails. The big climber was @JohnnyPimp (up 6), whilst the biggest dr
  2. @rosa top scores in the Premier League with 9 points, moving her up 6 places. The top 5 stay as they were, but @jorvik_latic and @JoeP are closing in. @rudemedic stays rooted to the bottom as @singe and @GravityGrave struggle to get away. In the Championship, @Bristolatic was top scorer with 5 points as @Harry Bosch regains 1st place, deposing @GlossopLatic. Five players didn't take part and @josh_latics, @daniel and @Ak's11 still make up the bottom three. Seven points was the highest score in League 1, picked up by @L1onheartNew, but it only moved him up 2 places. Once
  3. Subscription League Highlights: Correct result W,L,D – 24hoursfromtulsehill, Bristolatic, stevesidg, Ackey, JoshOWTB, disjointed, DavidCollinge, 8city2, dannyboy55555, LaticsPete, Stevie_J, laticdickovarmy, RobOAFC, wardlelatic, Craig D, underdog. Correct Half Time Score – Bristolatic, GravityGrave, rosa. Correct Full Time Score – Unlucky RobOAFC with 4-2. Correct No of Latics Goals – RobOAFC. Correct No of Opposition Goals – JoeP. First Latics Scorer – LaticsPete. Within 100 of Attendance (3,009) – disjointed (+78), Rocky_Latic (-12, ooooh!), chickenbaltipie (-24, another ooooh!), Cr
  4. Highlights: 24hoursfromtulsehill takes over the top spot , whilst stevesidg was the highest climber . There was a fair few that were confident of a 2-1 Latics win with stevesidg, Bristolatic, 24hoursfromtulsehill, John Platt, boboafc and steveoafc all getting it right . JoshOWTB went for 3-1, with LaticsPete and mikebOAFC predicting 2-0. The points for attendance (actual 2,748) went to AndyGortonsMatches (2,789 - missed by 41 ), mikebOAFC (2,795 - out by 47), JoshOWTB (2,681 - 67 away), stevesidg (2,678 - 70 out), 24hoursfromtulsehill (2,660 - missed by 88) and LaticsPete (2,659 -
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