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Found 7 results

  1. Half a dozen didn't take part in this one and two players, @Ryan and @Oafc1895 posted their predictions too late (after the 14:50 cut off) for them to be counted. Premier League @Hometownclub (up 1 place to 6th) and @oafcmetty (up 2 places to 7th) were the top scorers with 6 points each. The top three stay the same, but there's only four points separating the top five. The bottom eight don't move at all, including no movement for the two that didn't post a prediction. Championship Six points again was the best score, this time by @BP1960, who goes back into the
  2. First of all, thanks for good wishes. I still feel like a bag of crap, but not quite as much as 48 hours ago. My aim is to be fit enough to be at Bristol Rovers on 12th September. Basic tables without all the usual embellishments and blurb. I apologise now if there are any errors. The Wigan tables will be the same as this, then I hope to get back to normal after that.
  3. The top three in the Premier League stay the same, but Carl Waters moves back into Champions League Qualifying place, Stevie_J into a Europa League spot whilst SAV drops to 6th. Further down, jorvik_latic and Latics_Fanatic swap places and the bottom five remain in the same places, so the battle against relegation is getting closer. No one picked up more than 5 points and there were no attendance points scored. In the Championship, there is no change in the top five, but Laticsbiffo moves into the play off places with youngen just outside on “goal difference”. underdog and Oafc1895 dro
  4. So, off we go with the first game of the season. Because there are now three different points to be gained with attendance predictions, they are all lumped into the same column. A big shout out to Zorrro, without whose input, the tables would have been more complicated and taken a lot longer. Actually, he designed the thing improving on the last few season's format . LaticsChris swept the board with seven correct predictions, but give it up for Harry Bosch, hitting the attendance spot on with his first ever attempt and jorvik_latics was bloody close too. There was no prediction from
  5. Where The Subscription League Points Went: Correct result W,L,D – astottie, DavidCollinge, GravityGrave, Handsy, laticdickovarmy, nzlatic, oafc21, Stevie_J Correct Half Time Score – No points here Correct Full Time Score – GravityGrave, laticdickovarmy, oafc21 Correct No of Latics Goals – DavidCollinge, GravityGrave, laticdickovarmy, oafc21, rudemedic, Correct No of Opposition Goals – astottie, GravityGrave, Handsy, JoeP, laticdickovarmy, nzlatic, oafc21, stevesidg, Stevie_J, underdog First Latics Scorer – No scorer, no points Within 100 of Attendance (4,699) – No one got close Correc
  6. Where The Subscription League Points Went: Correct result W,L,D – Carl Waters, dannyboy55555, GravityGrave, laticdickovarmy, Rocky_Latic, underdog, Zorrro Correct Half Time Score – 8city2, dannyboy55555, DavidCollinge, disjointed, Ex_pat, JoeP, LaticsPete, underdog Correct Full Time Score – underdog Correct No of Latics Goals – Carl Waters, DavidCollinge, underdog, Zorrro Correct No of Opposition Goals – 24hoursfromtulsehill, 8city2, Bristolatic, disjointed, Ex_pat, JoeP, JoshOWTB, LaticsChris, LaticsPete, rosa, underdog First Latics Scorer – There wasn’t one Within 100 of Attendance (
  7. Highlights: rudemedic was the pick of the crop, being the only one to predict the 1-3 defeat and have Lee Barnard as Latics scorer. Not sure if that deserves a or not, but probably does. JoeP was the only other predictor to go for a defeat (0-1) and returns to for the umpteenth time. Others who went for Barnard were stevesidg, boboafc, steveoafc, John Platt, Stevie_J and Ex_pat. No one got within 100 of the 4,672 attendance. AnthonyOAFC and BlueJazzer joined in, the former picking up 1 point for the Latics goal.
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