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Swansea away ... da da dah, da da dah....


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The fun started before I had even got off the tube as I passed Baker Street I received a message from Mike who was already at Paddington … our train had been cancelled as the driver wasn't going to turn up!!!!!

So the first decision of the day had to be made, would we hang around and catch the next one in an hour which would certainly be packed or find an alternative route … now I’m not sure who made the decision ( but I'm certain it wasn’t me as I was still slightly worst for wear from the previous night) but we headed off on the 10am train to Bristol. Danny who was considering joining our original train at Bristol had now decided to drive from Swindon instead offered to pick us up from Bristol, eventually (after I starting to wake from my slumber) I realised that the train we were on stopped at Swindon!!!!


Now earlier in the day before I had left the house Dave had phoned me to ask what junction to get off for the park and ride, he was already half way there from West London. As we crossed the border we discovered that Dave had arrived and eventually getting access to the park and ride at 11.30am only to be told that the first shuttle would not be until 1pm which is why we eventually caught him up and sat on the same shuttle bus … with Dave having lost precious drinking time.


Straight into the ground was the plan for the day … once they opened the doors for us, more drinking time lost for Dave.


As the fans came in the atmosphere grew and I ‘officially’ meet a few guys from the forum and sorry Rocky I agree with Beardy you looked slightly hammered before the game even started!


The atmosphere starts to build[/font]


Now Shezza as been quoted on many occasions lately that the fans have been a different class this year and obviously this as been duly noted by one perticular player. So the truth is out regarding Wellen’s silly sending off …. he just wanted to spend three games with the ‘tics in the stand!!!!



Half time came and the boys on the pitch seemed to be in control of the game, but on balance I felt we should have been more than Warne’s goal to the good and once again Taylor came soooo close to scoring his first goal of the season after a great run but was denined by the cross bar.



One- nil and the crowd go wild!!!!!


Now I know that signs were posted everywhere in the foyer to say it was a non-smoking ground but for two stewards to come up behind a literally lift one fan out of the ground for lighting a cigarette was harsh to say the least. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t realise that it was non-smoking (otherwise he’d be in the toilets with the rest of the smokers) ground, a friendly warning would have been more than enough action …. still the stewards did spend the entire game looking for any excuse to throw people out and were the worse ones I come across this season.


Warning: smoking can seriously damage you chances of watching an entire football match


Swansea looked a little stronger in the second half and came close when they hit the bar from a free kick and with the our fans in great voice (da da dah ..da da dah) Latics never looked like losing control of the game and another great away result saw us sitting proudly on top of the league once again due to Scunny's game being off.


Full time and another three points


Myself and Mike were staying at Joe's in Cardiff for the night so we slowly made I way to the train station (calling in a few of the local establishments) and eventually travelled the short distance to Cardiff.


Mike and Joe on the way to Cardiff

Several more beers later, a stop at a curry house (which no one can remember what they actually ordered/ate ... all I remember is that it was good though) and trying to prevent shop windows, pollards and the homeless from running into Mike we finally reached the bottom of the hill that would lead to Joe's flat and ........ well it had to be done!!!


May I take this opportunity to apologise to anyone reading this who was in the Cardiff area around midnight on Sat and got woken by two rather intoxicated Latics fans running up the hill singing the 'Rocky' theme at the top of their voices...... :boxer:



The Millennium stadium .. back here in May? Not if we can help it







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