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Windy Weather

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Good Morning everybody!


What's it like over t'hill this morning? I live in L**ds and the wind here's very turbulent. Does high wind usually spoil games at BP is very exposed isn't it?


AceT(HTFC) :grin:




A little breezy nothing special.

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Exiles Tip of the Day :




Acetripper go and stand on Oldham Edge for 10 mins and then walk down to BP that should get you aclimatised :grin:

they will need to keep the ball on the deck or it will be a farce, mind you we nearly always say that at boundary park

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Guest oa_exile
Two coats day today then! See I'm an old codger who can't stand the win and cold. Looking to get over to BP area around 12.30pm, any pubs to recommend. In the past I've used the 'Rifle Range' until they updated and ruined it.




All depends on where you are parking , all the pubs around the ground are "Fans Friendly".

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