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Ahh, I'm a dab hand now - that one looks rubbish! Thanks for the feedback PROUD!


I know a few guys who used to work for software companies like OCEAN back in the day, and they're all freelancers now but they've got some bloody good kit!


I started on Toon Boom Studio but couldn't get the hang of it. I then switched to SWiSH and tried that - that's what I used for episode one. But I couldn't get the flexibility with the characters, up comes ANIME STUDIO PRO 5!! What a piece of kit this is!


You create your "bones" wireframe, overlay your PNG character images, bind them together and you can manipulate their limbs, body anything. It even does lipsynch!


Anyway see for yourself!


>>>> LINK <<<<

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Sorry mate i have seen that, if you want someone to do your voices, just let me know i can do loads!


I can even out squeel the Dippers!


Great! I had a bad cold that day and I struggled, the wife said she'd chip in (well she does the story boards and the scripts - she's got a degree or whatever in pre production) but I wanted the nurse to sound monty python-esque. But the cold didn't help like I said...

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