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Anime Studio 5 Pro


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OAFCPROUD mate, Anime Studio 5 is the business - I kid you not. It's so easy to animate your elements. I've managed to fully animate my characters "skeleton", all I hav to do now is copy that skeleton for each character - because all of my "puppets" are identical. Dead easy. I'm starting the lipsnyching tutorial now and I'll think I'll have that licked in about 30 mins.


Here are some tutorials to look at, you can see how easy the layout looks compared to Toon Boom Studio...


>>>> LIPSYNCH TUT <<<<


>>>> SKELETON TUT <<<<


(MOHO is another name for Anime Studio 5)

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Hi rummy yeh your right it does look a lot easier for the novice(me). Ive just bought the anime studio 5 not the pro version BUT cant download the bloody thing, i got the trail version thought that looked ok so decided to purchase it and now nothing!!!


ive emailed them to see if theres a problem on there web store but as of yet ive not received a reply.


any sugestions?


cant wait to get started got loads of ideas to try.(any one remember dufflecoat dan the latics fan? in animation?) :dizzy2:

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Im still waiting for customer services, from e-frontier to sort the problem out Rummy, but as soon as i do i will be on here picking your brains on the software.


Maybe they dont work weekends? bloody yanks.


Rummy theres a forum for use with Anime Studio:-




If you need it. You might give them some tips? like watch a proper sport??

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