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Keeping away fans in?


Should we keep away fans in after the game?  

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  1. 1. Should we keep away fans in after the game?

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yes certainly in games of this nature, it used to happen in the past - and should see no reason why it can not be brought back, i dont wann see youngsters of today thinkin its ok to kick the sh!£ out of someone etc and believe its ok , and furthermore having to walk through it all etc, that goes for girlfriends or wives etc having to be protected from some ludicrous minority.


if it meant being kept in 20 mins when we play away id be all for it.


i am not being naive - but our fans that get involved are just as bad, now i dont think you would stop it 100% but it would help.

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Definitely no.


Trouble happens very rarely and keeping away fans in never worked in the past. It was a regular thing in the 80s and all it meant was that the real hoolies from the home side had time to set ambushes.


Besides, I would be well cheesed off if I were kept in at an away match so wouldn't expect visitors at BP to be similarly inconvenienced just because of the actions of a few herberts.

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